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Halo 3 Vacation Day


OK... fess up... how many other geeks besides myself are taking today off to play Halo 3? I am off to BestBuy to pick up my copy and then to wallow in my nerdery.


The game has some SERIOUS hype to live up to. Halo 3 has whole tv shows devoted to it, huge ad campaigns, and it's own soft drink (which tastes like liquid sugar-sprinkled shit, by the way). If the game is not pure-D 100% cock-rockin' awesomeness, Bungie's offices might get burned down, and the developers hung up by their balls.


Today off? Try today through saturday off! Actually I just asked ror today off, but I guess my boss decided to give me a couple more days off.


Amateur... a bunch of my friends went at midnight to pick it up last night. We were playing it all morning. Yet another use for Spike.


Meh, I played it over the weekend. Nothing special imo.


I never got into Halo b/c I had a PS2, but now that I have a 360, I do have an interest in the series. I need to go back and play 1-2 before I start with 3, though, just so I can get caught up on the story.

Anyone really think this will be the final game in the series?


Entertainment that makes money will never die until it stops making money. Money is what it all comes down to in the end, and Halo draws in pleanty of it to last at least another decade or two IMO.


How in the world did you play it over the weekend when it came out today?


Both the old ones are classics in my mind. I'm also a guy who can't generally stand console shooters (mouse/keyboard guy). But they're great. Not necessary to enjoy #3, but I highly recommend it.

Btw, anyone who's played--did they get rid of that damn message from #2 that pops up in the middle of your screen whenever you lose your shield?