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Halo 3/Reach Group Enlist Today!


Ok so I just started a bungie group. Testosterone Kill Squad. I can change the name or whatever. But I figured me might as well start geting organized so we can dominate the reach multiplayer. Please come and sign up.




I'll have to renew my Xbox Live account, after about a year of reminding me to pay my subscription they finally cut me off haha, good idea with the bungie group. I've seen a few threads about online play around here, there's definitely some halo players to join the ranks.

Have you tried the Reach multiplayer beta yet?


Outstanding. We'll have 10 sign up. Only 7 will show up. 5 are consistently line. 3 can actually play worth a damn. And then we all leave once the T-vixen thread becomes active again.



I'll sign up once my xbox gets fixed ... I'll be one of the ones who can't play worth a damn but I have no qualms being the sacrificial lamb


Well, even the ones who can't play worth a damn will be much better in a consistant team. "polo, Me and Wol are going to round this corner and try to take out the guys camping in there, if shit goes south, we will retreat back to this position where you will be lying in wait, use your AR to spray the hell out of them, they should have some hits on em so you just take em down as they come round the corner K, If all else fails, stick yourself and run into them screaming"



I'd sign up but i'm in a completely different time zone (Ireland) so it could be difficult to be on at the same time


Tactics?! I don't need no stinking tactics! I run n gun, baby!


10 minutes later

How did I die 20 times? We only played for 5 minutes.


I'm down. Have they added any additional levels yet. I'm getting kinda tired of just playing on Sword Base and that other level.


Pootie, this is going to be a Reach group ultimately, we would just be doing Halo 3 to keep the skillz sharp. Unless the reach multiplayer sucks, which I think the chances of that are close to zero.



I got swanky accepted, who is that?



That is me. Hopefully I'll be online at the same time as everyone else.


Cool, I know some Sat mornings I get on and play early, maybe it will still be friday night for you or something? Or is my friday night your saturday morning? Well either way.



Heads up Wol is a Team Killer.


I am 5 hours ahead of east coast. So at 1pm for you its 6pm for me I know this from watching NFL.


What? That son of a bitch! Wol say it aint so.



I've been playing the beta the last few days - pretty awesome.

I love the jet-pack - it reminds me of Tribes from back in the day.


Well sign up, what are you waiting for!



Wormy, put the controller down and read this, then go sign up.




See if this comes out



Well, first of all I'm not much for being super-competitive. I like to smoke a bowl when I game and just have fun.

I mean, I can be a good teamplayer, and I am, but I'm not that great a shooter and I'm more in it for the fun. But thanks anyway. : )