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Halo 3:ODST Live Action Trailer


Theres gotta be some Halo lovers here.


Unreal, that was awesome, they need to make a movie for it.


Loved the music.

A live action Halo/Marathon needs to happen. Somebody tell Peter Jackson to get off his ass.

Incidentally, I dunno if anybody remembers but around the time Halo 3 came out Neil Blomkamp directed some promotional live action shorts. You may remember Neil from a little film called "Section 9". Those were kick ass too.


That was cool.

Were they speaking English? It sounded like gibberish to me.


Hungarian I think


Made by the Director of District 9... Craaaazy talented.


Halo 1,2,3 our the greatest games ever, hoodedboone2 live gamertag if anyone wants to play me? The new Halo lookes even better plus they are bringing back some old maps.


Just curious, has anyone played this game yet?


that advert for 360 elite ruined the moment at the end.

but it was great


Pre-ordered it already. Game looks sick to me.

MLG X SNIPER X if you want to play.




cant wait for this game, really looking forward to their multiplayer that looked like horde mode in gow2


Nope, this ODST trailer was not done by Neill Blomkamp. It was directed by Rupert Sanders.


Well Peter Jackson passed up the opportunity to Neil Blomkamp who then proceeded to shelve it aswell :frowning:

Yeah Section 9 was sick, they even made use of the Warthog WETA workshop made.


I was with my friend who plays soccer in Germany and he told me they were speaking German. Such a well done commercial.


Sooo...what's up with the Halo movie? I've heard that they were in production, then they stopped, simply because to make a live-action movie of halo is ridiculously expensive because of the sheer scale of CGI that would have to be used..

IDK how valid that statement is though, hoping somebody on here has more insight.


I just came three times...all over myself.


this trailer is better than most movies. and this one wasn't done by neill blomkamp.


It was nixed due to inter-studio conflicts or some such jazz. I doubt cost of CGI would have been an issue with Peter Jackson producing and Weta on board.


My bad.. still sick tho.