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Halo 2 Anyone?


Now I know its been out for a long time. But, I was just wondering if any body from T-Nation plays Halo 2 on XBOX LIVE. I may have beat some of you down a few times. If anybody plays let me know. Im looking for a good team to put together.





So this is comeing from a guy who has Ryu as his avatar. You seem to like Street Fighter.



Beats the shit out of Dragonball GT, even my son has grown out of that show.

But hey, Halo 2 isn't all that bad. It acts as a great birth controle device.


I'm thinking of getting an Xbox live subscription soonish. When I do, I'll let you know.


UConnKuz. Look me up on Live and add me to your friends list. Leave a voice message telling me you are from T-Nation or else I will just think you are some random kook... which you very well may be, but at least you will be a random T-Nation kook. I have standards ya know.


I go by PikVanCleef

I am always down for Team Snipers.

Drop me a Friend Request.



That's my Gamer tag. Always playing..always...hell, i'm playing as i post this.

Street Fighter is supreme. But DBZ is a great show. Let's just prove ourselves in halo.


my gamer tag is billy mcbutter


shaolinpopo, on all the time. I work roughly 2 hrs a week and am done with school.

Holla at cha boy


ahh hell yah, PrepNeckSC is my gamertag. We need to make a T-Nation clan.


Kewl, I might have to fire up my Xbox. I haven't played in months. I'll have to go look up my gamer tag, but I'd be down to join a T-Nation clan or something, it would help me with my (lack of) skills.


Hit me up brandodude


If anyone would like to play,I am JackNeedles.
Been playin' fomr some time now so I'm pretty good.

Tell me you're from T-Nation too,or I'll get mixed up.


OK, added you to my friends list and I hope we can meet up soon enough. I was playing for a while tonight and the level of punks, cheater, modders, etc. was making it less-than-fun.

Why would anyone mod to play a game on-line to be "better" at it? What could that possibly prove?


My gamer tag is: Molofy

Anyone feel free to add me and send a message saying you're from T-Nation.

Seriously, guys, we should start a clan. Name ideas?


Not much to brag about, but here are my stats:



Alright, I've started a clan named 'T Nation'... I've sent invites to pretty much everyone who posted their tag on this thread, except for Cthulhu and theweakgeteaten... your guys' tags didn't exist the way they were typed out. I'm not sure if there are spaces or symbols you guys didn't put in your posts?


I'll send you a message since you couldn't get mine.
Later bro'.


What do you mean modders? what can you do to Halo to change the game?

I thoguht Xbox Live was locked down pretty tight?