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Okay, a bit of a dilemma. My girlfriend works for one of the radio stations here in town selling advertising space. One of her client’s is the local franchise of a chain of bars, and it’s one of her larger clients (decent size bar). Well, she has to be there on Halloween (actually Nov. 1st), so I am going to be there with her. Of course she has to dress up, and as the good boyfriend, so should I. I haven’t worn a costume in years. Any suggestions? We were thinking about Tarzan & Jane - trite, but a good excuse to run around half-naked all evening.

Halloween is a hoot! I love it. I volunteer at a local haunted house each year, and I have a great time. Prior to that, I’ve always made costumes to go out in. Here are a few ideas that I’ve done in the past: Viking, caveman, dracula, werewolf, mummy, superhero(s), or something nasty and gross! I usually wear some sick costumes at the haunted house and freak out the people that come in. Man, I can’t wait. I’ll be there again this year. It’s so much fun! :wink:

It’s been years, but I remember a couple going as TV dinners. Best damn costumes I’d ever seen. I wonder if alot of couples will be dressing up as Aragorn and Arwyn (since LoTR is so popular). Others I can think of: Superman and Lois Lane, Anthony and Cleopatra, Anakin and Padme (from Star Wars), King Arthur and Guinevere. Oh, I can go on. Another couple from DC Comics? Hawkman and Hawkgirl.

You: Put a potato over the head of your penis.

Her: Stick a lemon partially into her vagina.

Wait for it....

You're a dictator, and she's a sourpuss. :)

If you want something a little ghoulish, but on the classy side, I would go for Gomez and Morticia Addams.

Best costume I’ve ever seen, by far, was Ron Jeremy (of 70’s/80’s/90’s porn fame). My friend didn’t know what to wear to a Halloween party. His girlfriend put the thing together in a couple hours, and it was perfect! She somehow created a nylon body suit and stuffed it to fatten him up. Then she took black hair and put it underneath the nylon on the chest, back, arms… hell, everywhere, just like old Ronny. He then donned this curly black wig and mustache, some big disco glasses, and a pair of leopard print bikini briefs. Topped it off with this enormous schlong sticking out the side of his drawers. This was without question the most inventive costume I’d ever seen. I wouldn’t necessarily expect you to try something like this… especially since it’s your girl’s work, but I had to share. Still laughing about it even after three years. :slight_smile:

Why not masquerade as a Subway Club?

I agree with Nate and Patricia!

IF you can pull it off (it takes some work, but I’ve seen it done up UNBELIEVABLY well!); a male and female Klingon!

However, if you don’t put in the time and work, it can look VERY “cheesy” and cheap!

If you aren’t in drag it doesn’t count as a Halloween costume.

I HAVE to tell you this: When we were at the Comic-Con, there were a large number of Klingons. And they looked GOOD. VERY good. Even Ko commented on that. Anyways, at one point, when I was resting up, sitting on the floor outside the main hall, one of the Klingon males walked by and yelled back at his troops, “Hey, I’m going to the bathroom, be right back…!”

I was like, at LEAST say that in Klingon! That totally RUINED the effect for me :-(