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Halloween v.2011



I need some ideas fuckers.

What are you gonna be?


I told Greg that I would pay him to wear the one on the left and take pictures out in public.


For you Beans I say go with this.


Here is the deal: We are having our "baby shower" as a Halloween party.

We are inviting families and the whole 9. There will be a ton of kids running around causing havoc, beer for the dads & baby shit for the missuses.

My wife is going as a woman with some giant ball shaped thing hanging off her stomach. I, on the other hand, haven't a fucking clue as to what to be.



Hulk Smash for sure


I'm gonna be home hiding in the bushes with a hose, waiting for the little fuckers who egged my house last year.


you can borrow a couple of my male pits and spray them with female dog pheromones instead.


You could just buy a big man diaper and be a baby, then find all the mammas with big tattas and ask fro dinner.


A kid friendly costume... Let me think!

You could dress up as Ricky Vaughn from Major League... That would be AMAZING! (double cool cause of the charlie sheen disaster lol)

I was pop eye last year and it was a big hit.

I'm contemplating going as Ricky Bobby this year and wearing a helmet and tighty whiteys while my fianc�© goes as his trophy wife lady.

We also thought about going as Ice T and CoCo but I'm not black but that's only slightly problematic.

A friend of mine and I talked about going as Lone Star and Barf from Space Balls. Classic.

You're tall right beans? Throw on some tiny green shorts, tall socks and make an oldschool celtics jersey out of a small green tank top. Put on an Afro wig/headband and go ad Larry Bird. (works for any basketball player really)

You could have your wife (since she's pregnant) dress as a nun and you could wear a priest costume. (funny cause of the implications)


make (or buy I'd you're not into the handmade costume thing) a leopard print leotard and then wear black boots and a fake curly mustache and be an old school strong man from the circus. You could even make a fake "1,000LB dumbbell" to carry around.

Get a red wig, use a marker to give yourself lots of feckles and go as a gross ginger.

Come up with a motorcycle cop outfit (blue slacks tucked into boots and a long sleeve blue shirt) throw some patches from the army navy store on it, then put some silver plastic "blown out bullet holes" on the front and go as the T1,000 from terminator 2. Would be evern more baller if you could come up on a helmet.

Sleeveless shirt, Viking wig/beard from the store, jeans, boots, fake tattoo sleeve, headband, sunglasses = Biker

One time I bought green women's spandex yoga pants and a a spandex turtleneck long sleeve dress which I cut the dress part off of. Sewed a felt question mark on the front, wore some purple gloves and a purple mask and was "The Riddler"... It was a big hit.






I'm thinking next year that I'm gonna wear my American flag singlet (the one I got for my PL Meet next weekend) and go as an American gladiator. Make a pujol (not dire of that's how it's spelled) stick and maybe come up on a lacross helmet. Gonna be siiiiiiiick





Only if it's grass fed


PLEEEEEEZZ get pics of you at the meet. I wanna see the singlet AND stache in action!


Oh don't you worry.. There will be pics and vids for sure.


I really curious about the solution.