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Halloween PIcs


That's what's cool about being big & ripped - you can get away with costumes like this one!

Anyone else got some cool pics?


forearms look ripped!





Here's another!

Doesn't anyone else have any pics?


You'd need heat vision to get away with that Jeff. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I want a Strong Bad costume. That's the crap, Man!

Billy Bad


Bump, because it's Halloween!


I was in the city today @ work and on the trian ride home I saw a few people dress up for Hollween. One guy was dress up as a girl. I'll tell you I had double check. The adam's apple gave it away though. Although, a quick glimpse I thought that was a tall hot female. Had me fooled for a sec. but only for a sec.

A lot men dress up in women's outfits in NYC this year. I didn't dress up. Although, I found it was a intreasting spectical in NYC on hollween.

Anyone. went out for Mischelf Night last night?



IT looks like you have a six pack now.
are you 21 ?


This is a cool pic? If you say so,dork.


Not cool, Byron.

If someone wanted to take pot-shots at someone who could not defend themself, it be hard to beat insulting the Amish on an internet forum.
End hijack.



who dresses up as amish for haloween? besides the amish? lol and i don't think they do it to celebrate.

that's like saying, HI i'm an arab for halloween? wtf?


C'mon! Tell me you're not scared of the Amish. (Goodness knows I am!!!)


No, an arab guy for Halloween would be stupid. I went as a Canadian this year. People looked at me and were like, wtf are you supposed to be? And I just said "trick or treat, aye" and then they understood and had a good laugh.


hahaha, my buddy just told me he's going as a jehovas witness next year hahaha. I told him that's too scary for the little kids.


Did someone ask if I was 21? Ah ..... no ..... 31!

It was funny, right before that Halloween, a bunch of Amish people were busted for selling drugs out of their buggies. (I lived real closed to Lancaster, PA.)

So my actual costume was a drug dealer!


aye is more australian. Eh is more Canadian.


morg lol
jeff, good one.haha



Are you Canadian? Only Canadian people think what they say is spelled "eh." To the rest of the world, you're saying "aye" (not to be confused with "aayyyeee" like the Fonz says). A Candian dude I knew used to get mad and say "it's 'eh' dammit, we're not pirates." Canadians just don't get it lol.


morg, Kiss my Canadian bum, eh?

Do you get it? heh heh