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Halloween HELL

Ok… so its Halloween and I’m here at the office right now. There is a basket of candy, a box of munchkins, and cupcakes in nearby department. I have no desire or cravings for any of this crap, but my co-workers are really getting on my case about why I “can’t just have one”… and “you’re no fun” etc. Its absurd–we are all adults and they are giving me this peer pressure crap. The girl that works next to me says “i dont understand people like you who deprive yourselves of the good things in life… just eat what you want… life’s too short” etc. Whats worse, this one dude who is in awesome shape keeps coming back and taking candy… so they see him and are like “how come Rick can eat candy and you can’t?”. Well, Rick is genetically lucky I guess and is lean no matter what he eats. He’s one of those guys that eats pizza every day and other garbage, yet looks awesome. Its days like today I just want to throw in the F’in towel. Sometimes I wonder if all this dieting and discipline is worth it when others can look better than me without having ANY discipline whatsoever. Ok, sorry-- rant over.


To the “you’re no fun” – That’s right. And don’t you forget it.

To the “just eat what you want” – Maybe it’s hard for you to understand, but I DON’T want it.

To the “How come xx can eat it and you can’t?” – It’s not a matter of can’t, it’s a matter of don’t want to.

To the whole peer pressure thing – Are we still in jr high here, or are we actually adults?

Bro, I hear you! I hear the same things all the time! I usually get a little nasty and tell them straight up, “I don’t want to!” Sometimes it makes you wonder if you should just say “fuck it” and be like everyone else. But then again, why would you want to be like everyone else? Most people are severly out-of-shape (even the ones that look thin) or live in a state of depression because of the poor choices they make. Screw’em! I don’t want to be like any of those fuckers.

Amen to that Nate Dogg. Well said and eloquently stated in the true spirit of Testosterone. Oftenitmes I think that we need to reasses our position in the social context. The “Fuck off” approach is certainly warrented in this case. We pride ourselves on shattering the pack mentality, and this joining of the bingers is a pinnacle example of mainstream ideals attempting to pull us from towers built through sweat and discipline. I say let them have their cake and eat yours too. You won’t be the one with the “lose 50 pounds and start living on rice cakes and carrots” resulution in 3 months. Long live Old school T. Lata.

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I went through the same scenario today too. I was in class and somebody brought a large bag full of chocolate candy. Everybody was eating some except me. When I pulled out my protein bar, the comments came out, as they usually do. “Don’t you ever crave sweets?”, “Is this stuff not in your diet?”, “Do you ever eat stuff like pizza?” etc. Without having to get in their chocolate-covered faces and put them in their fat-ass places, I simply grabbed a handful of the chocolate crap, and said, “nope, I seriously don’t crave this stuff.”
On a side note, I am the only male in my class, and program. They all know by now that I eat clean, but they still ask me why everytime I pull out a bar. One girl in particular is coming VERY close to having me put her in her place. I could go on and on here, but I’ll end here. If this post keeps re-surfacing, I’ll be sure to post again.

yep…college is worse there are kids that eat crap, drink 5 nights a week, and are jacked…its terrible

ya I heard this before too. I think people enjoy the challenge of getting me or you or us folk to eat junk food while we are on a strict diet. If you are thinking that your diet isn’t worth it… well maybe its time to take it up a notch and go full out, and if you are already on the edge well go over it, get some freakin fantastic cool results then look in the mirror for your answer.

This happens all the time at birthday parties. Everyone’s always saying “you have to eat some cake” and I simply reply “no thanks, I can’t because my blood sugar will be through the roof and I’ll have to take a nap and might slip into a coma.” If they would quit comparing eating every meal to having an orgasm then they wouldn’t have a protruding belly and they might actually get laid.

“Cause I don’t wanna be a fat piece a shit like you. I don’t live for food, it doesn’t control my life like it does weak minded peopel like yourself bitch!” Or something like that?

there is no such thing as peer pressure! people do what THEY want to do! but, no it is probably not worth it.

“If they would quit comparing eating every meal to having an orgasm then they wouldn’t have a protruding belly and they might actually get laid.”

Pimp C, that was fuckin’ classic! Excellent!

Another multi-purpose possible come-back, a la Brider’s above: “What I find really interesting is all the people who aren’t happy unless they’re trying to get someone to do something that they don’t want to do. I think it stems from a very deep-seated insecurity, maybe sexual, probably phychological, most definitely physical. What do you think?”

Or, for those in a more palyful mood:

“Yeah, my ex-wife was always trying to get me to eat that shit, too. I finally had to kill her with an old axe handle.” (At this point, nod slowly to yourself, “remembering” the incident. Then look back up at the person you’re talking to.) “You know how hard it is to get brains out of the carpet?”

im sure we all go through that very often. in my french class at the begginning of the year, a few people asked if my shake was chocolate milk. (the funny thing is i have a bottle that says “dps nutrition” on it like 5 times, so i just said “YEP, chocolat milk.” retards) it really doesnt bug me anymore b/c ill just tell them why and they will shrug it off, or the “built” college drunks will ask me a bunch of questions like they are going to follow, but when i tell them i dont drink, they forget everything i said.

Just remember that the self-discipline you apply is for the sake of improvement. Many people can’t relate to that. You will over time earn the respect and esteem from many of the same individuals though. That alone is a reward in itself.

To Char-dawg:

HAHAHAHAHA! That’s excellent, the ex-wife joke, I really like it! :slight_smile:

To MBE and others:

Excellent answers, looks like we all have good defensive mecanisms!

Since I’m studying in a law-related topic, I usually respond the following:

“If you still continue to harass me with your food, I’ll have to sue you for mental distress, anxiety, humiliation and harassement. To top it off, I’ll ask for punitive damages since you acted on purpose while you knew about the blatant illegality of your said acts…blablabla…” usually they get the message.

To Triceratops:

While it’s a pain in the ass, you’ll have to understand that it’s common behavior for people to work with analogy i.e. “how come you can’t eat it while XX can.” As a quick answer, you can always say something like “While I see XX eating this and looking great, I also see all of you who also eat this and look terrible. So, using my powerful scientific deductional prowess, I conclude that since 99% of the people who eat this look like shit, it would not be wise for me to consume, inhale, eat this particular kind of food.”

In brief, when people start to get high with bad analogy, bring their ass down on Earth by placing them in a position where they’re faced with reality and then forced to recognize the weakness of their initial position. People tend to like their dream world so be prepared to poop their ballon.

And it’s quite fun! :slight_smile:

Have a happy(not to sugary) Halloween!

P.S.: Sorry about my somewhat erratic english writing skills, french is my usual language.

They figure there going down and they want to bring you with them.

Personally I watch what I eat but there are some days why not go for it. Im not saying drop your diet and just munch on all the damn candy. Have a totse roll or a lolly pop. Its all good and it not going to kill you that much or set you to far back.

like the others who have responded, I also have had more than my share of this crap–and being of average genetics, I refuse to eat that stuff–however, rather than get angry at their ignorance or faulty logic, I try to remember that the majority of people who are helpless to control their food cravings have no self-control in other areas of their lives either–and what’s more, many of them eat to fill up the emptiness in their lives, burying their unhappiness under layers of fat–all of us have issues in our lives that need to be worked on, food is theirs

the comment about equating food with orgasm is right on–eating is their drug, a way to numb themselves with a few minutes of insulin induced bliss–obviously, this isn’t true for everyone who eats like crap, but it often is for the overweight ones

and the dude with the good physique will still, most likely, end up with diabetes at some point if he continues to eat like that

Mike has an excellent point. Most peoples try to convince you of doing something seen as “wrong” or get down on you for being healthy and having discipline mostly to legitimate their own way of living. By making you the “bad guy” or by bringing you to “their side” he is uncounciously trying to convince himself that he’s not doing anything wrong.

Dude, I feel your pain. I was getting donuts and candy shoved at me all day yesterday. It seems it’s especially the women who do this – they feel guilty if they’re wolfing down crap and you aren’t. All the secretaries were getting on my back. I just tried to deflect it with something alond the lines of: “I don’t like chocolate. Bring me a steak and you’ll see me throw down…” Amusingly enough, that seemed to work.

Just use thier insecurity against them. When they offer you goodies scratch your chin and glance up at the ceiling as if you are actually considering taking it. Then glance back down and gently jab your finger into thier belly in a few fat spots, shake your head no, and say “No thanks”. They won’t bother you again.

Fuckin’ cruel, man. But funny as hell.