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Halloween Drinking

So today marks the day of about 6 months of being sober. I’m not alcoholic, I just wanted to focus on my gains and screw drinking. My buddy is back from attending school at West Palm Beach for a short break and we’re gunna throw down.

I’ve become pussafied about drinking, thinking it will affect my gains too much. I have given up many opportunites to drink and do the naughty thing but I was jw what your guys opinion would be.

To drink or not to drink.

I have personally found excessive drinking (getting sloppy drunk) has a negative effect on my gains. I usually only feel it for like a day or two though. If I go thorugh a binge where I am partying like every night or close to it, then the gains slow drastically.

But one in a while it cant hurt.

Going out and feeling like you need to drink every weekend because it is mandatory is one thing, drinking once in a blue moon when your friend is in town is another.

I know where you are coming from, and I think most that attempt to curtail alcohol consumption for the sake of gains falls into this boat at some point, I know I have. As long as you don’t do anything to physically harm yourself, I don’t see halloween drinking as chronically depleting your testosterone, permanently inhibiting protein synthesis, or negating all of the gains you have made in the past months.

Enjoy yourself, be safe, and try to have sex with a female.