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Halloween Costumes!


Post your halloween costumes (photos or descriptions!)

me and 4 of my friends are going as Top Gun characters. We had to make the costumes.

I'm Viper, the rest of the team is Maverick, Goose, Hollywood, and Iceman.


Last year I was a dog bone with an "R" embroidered on the front and my buddy was a pink taco.


I really hope your "Buddy" was a girl.


im going as Jesus, i'll be carrying a bong and a can of beer.


kinda cliche isn't it


Some times I think he wants to be. He is the guy that always wants to hang out and watch tv after everyone else leaves when the beer runs dry and you have to drop really strong hints at him going home.

He was down for being the pussy in my halloween idea though so that was pretty cool.


A guy I used to train with lived in an apartment in Queens. He and a buddy pretended they were dead bodies. Fake blood, knives sticking out, caution tape etc. Another guy stood around and took pictures, the girlfriends pretended they were examining the scene. Of course they left the door open. When the kids would look in to see what was going on the bodies would "come to life" and offer them candy.

He said he never heard kids and moms scream so loud.


that.. is... AWESOME


I'm going as a 70's tampon. As in a bed sheet with red, and wearing a 70's porn moustasche and wig. Oh, and I also will have a bong in one hand, but a bottle of vodka in the other.


The Brave Little Toaster


I'll have Jager in one hand and Jager in the other.


I'm thinking of being the only survivor from the 300 movie. The one that loses and eye and tells the story to everyone. Since its going to be cold, I might go with some black shorts and under armor under my red cape. With a bandana covering one eye, sword, shield and jesus sandles. My gf probably won't want me to go to the party in speedos, and neither do the other guys I'm sure, because their ladies would like it too much :wink:

A dumb idea I had because I always listen to sports talk radio is getting a big box and painting the tuner and dial on. Put the box around me tuned to the local fox sports affiliate and annoy everyone the whole night with sports talk and commericials that I have memorized from years of listening.


I'm going as Hulk Hogan. Complete with yellow speedo, yellow "hulkamania" tanktop, mustache, partial bald cap with blonde hair on the back, a championship belt and a hulkster bandana.



Either a Mexican wrestler(complete with sombrero/moustache) or Michael Myers from Halloween :smiley:


I don't generally dress up for halloween. but here's the wife's costume for this year. what do you think??


I'm not digging the mask.


Ya, looks like someone shat on her face.


Abbath from Immortal, and Protein Man


I'm down with it.


I am going as this guy:

A Gallic soldier from Southern Gaul/Northen Italy. (if I put blue paint on I am a Briton, but I won't be doing that)