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Halloween Costumes 2005


First off, we're almost into October and I'm looking for some costume ideas for this year's party. Last year I was Indiana Jones. I tend to stay away from the cheap costumes you can buy at the stores and I put together the costume myself from thrift stores, army surplus etc. Any unique ideas for 2005? Also, post pics from past years if available. (guys-girls) Thanks,

Attached is a favorite I seen for the T-Chicks..


I pretty much never do Halloween parties, but this year I am. I want to do something funny but simple. I hate the costumes that are so damned complicated that one must inquire as to wtf it is.

I am thinking a Barry Bonds uniform with some syringes sticking out of my @ss and thighs. Now, everyone is retarded and will ask why they aren't sticking out of my arms. Thus, I will also carry a bat.




here's one idea


And one more


That was a year ago, before the Velocity Diet... I'm wearing a helmet and still look like a fatass... but not this year.

This year I'll be going as Captain N... only more built.


That priest outfit is so wrong, yet so funny.


Funny you should ask, I just got a couple today:


And the other:


And the other:


Let me try again:


I thought only New Zealanders do that...


Ever been to Wyoming?


Here's a good costume: black slacks, black shoes, white short-sleeve dress shirt, black tie, bicycle helmet. Anyone guess what that makes?


A Jahova's whitness?


I would have said Calvin's dad from Calvin and Hobbes.
Maybe I'm crazy.


Did Calvin's dad always wear a bike helmet? You're crazy.


I'm trying to put together a Rick James costume.


Lurch from The Addams Family. I wonder if anyone will be able to tell the difference?


, bitch!


Are you guys all flashing the shocker??? LMAO