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Halloween Costume

Does anyone have an awesome halloween costume idea they’d like to share? I’m going to be headed to a few Halloween parties and its always good to have the most attention grabbing costume!

Here is an easy great one- get a cheap hat and glue cotton balls all over it , do the same to a cheap pair of white tennis shoes. wear an all blue or white sweatshirt and sweat pants. what are you: a Q-TIP-Julianne


I once went to a Halloween party and the winner for best costume was the Ghost of John Holmes.

Bizarre and hilarious.


My friends and I are going to try and pull off a Willy Wonka bit. Since I’m the tallest of the bunch, I’m supposed to be Wonka. The rest of them are dressing up in jumpsuits, putting on orange makeup and coloring their hair green to be oompa-loompas.

Haha, that midget costume is awesome!

Martha Stewart’s Cell-mate

Orange Jumpsuit
Lipstick, eye shadow, etc.
bra/falsies - you get the idea
five o’clock shadow (cause you’re a manly woman)
Optional: carry the sawed off end of a broomstick

Walk around saying “Martha’s my bitch and for a pack of smokes she can be yours too.”

Two words: Dirk Diggler

[quote]Zell959 wrote:
Two words: Dirk Diggler[/quote]

But I didn’t dress up last year either.

Wear a lamp shade as a hat and make a small cardboard table that you cut a hole into and wear around your neck. Finally wear a shirt that says “one night stand”. Might get you laid.

Well, you could wear nothing but a pair of trousers. When you show up and people ask what you are say, “I’m a premature ejaculator. I just came in my pants!” Hehe. And for the (brunette) ladies put on black gloves and black socks and nothing else. Then stand spread eagle. Tada! You’re the five of spades!

To-Shin Do

I always dress the same for every halloween…black robe, black gloves, black knee high boots, axe/staff, and black hood with latex skeleton mask. I always scare the shit out of everyone because they think I am going to dress up as a fairy, angel, or genie or some other pretty non-scary thing like that.

I’m goin as a Gorilla, got the suit and everything.

A P.I.M.P. outfit? Few gold chains (fake or real)around your neck, maybe a ring or two a big one though. a zuite suite. Or bellbottom jeans and a white button down dress shirt leave it open a fat cane and finally, some nurses hanging around your shoulders on boths sides… Just a thought.