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Halloween Costume Plans


Halloween is already near!

Anyone already have costume plans?


I am going to dress up as Michael Myers since with my height and build would match his.

We dont really have halloween here,maybe a few kids knocking on my door asking for candy.So it could when i answer the door in my costume with large kitchen knife in hand with a slight tilt of my head.


here was me last year


I like to dress up as Mrs Lovett from Sweeney Todd, with my rat's nest hair and pale complexion, but I don't know about this year. I need a better corset - mine doesn't have good boning or laces - so I might just dress like a chick annoyed with trick or treaters.


plans for this year

Killer Klowns from Outer Space


a milk man. or frank from donnie darko. or maybe a lunch lady.


The conversation between me and my girlfriend when we went to the Halloween:

"Can I wear that?" she asks


"Can I wear that?"


"Can I wear that?"


"Why the fuck not?"

"Because it's Halloween, and you have to be scantily clad."

"You mean 'Look like a whore?'"

"In so many words, yes. That's why it's my favorite holiday.


alan from the hangover. beard, baby carrier, fake baby, and a wolf t-shirt. i think people will get it.




1st pic sucked, better version


Lester from Beakman's World aka the dirty rat from that kids show.


Were you supposed to be a guy in a motorcycle accident? That reminds me of something is saw before...


Last year I was at a club party, and the guy that won was a "one night stand". He was a lamp with a "table" around his waist and on the table was condoms, lube, an ashtray, and a porno box or something like that. It was pretty good.

The best costume I ever did was a "freudian slip" I wore a woman's slip with a bunch of freudian terms written all over it ( I was sure to write "penis envy" right over my junk) It was pretty cool - I went home with a hot cowgirl.


3 of my friends and I are going as the survivors from Left 4 Dead. We're still not sure about what we're going to do about guns.


I'm going to wear my orange SlipKnot jumpsuit, a Richard Nixon mask, a Vietnamese rice farmer hat (one of those round ones with the pointy top) and a strap-on dildo.


My roommate wants us to go somewhere together as scantily clad condiments.

She said I am to be 'spicy mustard'...I'm still waiting on a mock up of this "costume."

I vaguely remember hearing something about a yellow skirt and painting my upper half, she's been into this painting mode lately...


Oh Lilly do I have the cosume for you, found this at my local grocery store.


I was thinking of Tarzan, but I'm not buff enough! Maybe next year...

Kidding. I'll think about it.


Oh thanks for letting me know that's a costume...I've apparently been celebrating Halloween on a daily basis :slight_smile: