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Halloween Costume Ideas

Going to a party tonight and I still have no good ideas. If anyone has any quick, easy, and funny ideas - Post them up. Thanks

Vampire - easy to do with stuff at home. Wolfman - spirit gum, fake hair and brown makeup go a long way combined with a flannel shirt and some teeth. Mummy - plenty of ace bandage, and you’re good to go. Cavman or Viking - costume can be made quick and easy with materials (I’ve made these before). Ghost - just put a sheet on and cut eye holes out or use it as a toga and go as a Greek god. Use cardboard boxes to create something (trash can, recycle bin, etc). Grab some women’s clothes and go as a girl of some sort (cowgirl, slut, Elvira, Ragedy Ann, etc). Cowboy - easy to do with stuff at home. Pirate - easy to do with stuff at home. There are many quick and easy things you can do! Find something a little different and go with it!

  1. Floor of a movie theater: take a white t-shirt, smear grody stuff on it (toothpaste, ketchup, chocolate sauce, etc.), and tape candy wrappers and pices of popcorn all over it.
  2. Jiffy Pop Popcorn – wrap your head in tin foil.
  3. Scattered showers – glue globs of cotton balls on a blue t-shirt to look like clouds against a blue sky. Fill a spritz bottle up with water. When people ask you what you are, spray them with water.

Tie a potato to your penis and go as a “dick-tater”. Ok, I know that was really lame.

My girlfriend and I are going as a Priest and a little boy.

I’m a sinner…

Obviously a little late, but here is a great one for next year, especially for us T-people: Wrap a gigantic bow around you, and have a card on you that says "To: Women From: God: (God’s gift to women!) Also works for vixens, but to Men (or not!)