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Halloween and Grow! Bars

I know this is not realistically possible, but I think Biotest should send out some boxes of Grow! bars to a few loyal T-Nation members to hand out on Halloween(if they make it that far) These bars are so tasty and so much better than the crap people usually hand out, plus it could potentially bring Biotest a whole slew of new customers who are sold once they take a bite of these delicious bars. I know this sounds crazy presuming most are like me and would probably eat them all before they ever made it into a trick-or-treaters bag. It sure would beat getting pennies though!

I would’ve been pretty pissed if someone gave me Grow! bars instead of candy Halloween as a kid. Kind of like those people who gave out apples. If there’s ever a time for tasty junk, it’s Halloween night.

I like to get straight to the point and just dump a spoonfull of sugar into their bags.

How about fun-size Grow! bars. Oh wait. At 220kcal they already are.