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Halloween 2011


Took a long time to get this mask to look good, but the wife did a great make-up job on it.


What the fuck are you supposed to be? Serious....


Fathers, hide your daughters. Rape Clown is back in town.


Are you Scott Weiland?


And by the looks of it, he's taking virgins.


Need a costume idea. What are you guys going as? Preferrably something without a mask, it's hard to drink with one on.


I mean it looks go...but.....


Wow, I never knew...you're black.

Edit: by the way that is a Awesome makeup job.


Be a dog bone and stitch letter "R" on the front.


Here are my ideas/suggestions-

-Zombie Gaddaffi
-Zombie Steve Jobs
-Occupy New York Protestor
-Main Character from Drive
-Charlie Sheen

I would suggest Hitler but people always say its "too soon" Its always too soon to be a Nazi.


I'm gonna be Dexter with the green thermal and black apron with blood on it


What about a Zombie Hitler?


No mask, and the sheep can drink, too.




it's a clown mask, hence the ratty clown poncho and big red nose


You make a thread like this every year. Aren't you afraid you will piss off some evil spirit eventually?



Howling with laughter here


not really relevant here... as for the spirits bring em on


i say anyone who goes as the human centipede will win any costume contest


Since I use a wheel chair to get around school with my broken leg, I'm shaving my head bald, dressing in a suit and tie and putting big "Xs" on my wheels so I'll be Xavier from X-Men.