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HallikFranks Training


Im just coming off a longer than intended hiatus from lifting, so my lifts are pretty shitty right now.
Previous best lifts:

Squat ?
Bench 135kg x 3
Deadlift 225kg x 1
Military Press 85kg x 3

Im not certain where my lifts are right now, however I squatted 140kg x 12 (with a couple of reps left in the tank) a week ago, I also worked up to 112,5kg x 8 on bench two days ago, which was pretty piss poor. However, Im going to do 5/3/1 and expect to regain my strength relatively fast. I´ll just estimate some sensible training maxes as I start out.


Military Press
Bar x some
40kg x 5
50kg x 5
60kg x 3
65kg x 5
72,5kg x 7

I messed up my work sets, 60x3 should have been 55x5.

BW x 8
BW + 10kg x 5
BW + 20kg x 8

Pull Ups
some x some, non-weighted.

In retrospect I shouldnt have done an upper body session today, my shoulders were shot and sore as hell after benching two days ago, which left me weaker than expected on military presses. Nevertheless, Im going to lower my training max a little, and go for more reps. I prefer to get 10+ reps on the first week as I start out.

Deadlift tommorrow, been a couple of months since I last pulled, so that could get interesting.



80 kg x 10
100 kg x 5
120 kg x 3
130 kg x 5
150 kg x 5
170 kg x 5

Good Mornings
some x some

Hammer Curls
some x some

Deadlift was weaker than I had hoped, gonna lower my training max some. Also, I really fucked up my back on these deads. Touch and go reps on deadlift seem to do that, probably a form issue. I think Ill have to start resetting on every rep on deads.


Went to a chiropractor today, got some work done on my back. Hopefully my back will have recovered enough to do deads come saturday. However, I may have to abstain from touch and go deads, which sucks.



90kg x 5
102,5kg x 5
115kg x 8

Incline Bench
50 kg x 10
70 kg x 9
70 kg x 9

Pendlay Rows
50 kg x 10
80 kg x 6
100 kg x 6
90 kg x 9

Bench is still weak, but seems to be coming along nicely. I expect to be back where I left of in a few weeks.
This was my first time ever trying incline benching, just getting a feel for the movement. Seemed to hit my tris pretty hard. Another appointment with my chiropractor tomorrow, then squats in the evening.



65 x 5
85 x 5
100 x 3
110 x 5
125 x 5
142,5 x 12

Barbell Curls
Bar x some
40 x 10
50 x 5
55 x 6

Hammer Curls
some x some

Good Workout. Pretty satisfied with the squats. Had planned on doing front squats, but ended up doing some bicep work. I havent done any direct bicep work in a couple of years. Devoured a huge steak after the training session, then went boozing with a couple of old friends. Good times.


52,5 x 5
60 x 5
67,5 x 11

BW x 8
+10kg x 5
+20kg x 10

Did some BW ladders

Press coming along nicely. Weak as shit on pull-ups right now, I definitely need to fix that.



Just worked on form. Weight was waved up and down from set to set, but kept relatively low.

Good Mornings
some x high reps

I found out what has been fucking me over on deadlifts. I have kept the bar too far off center, which in turn has put a huge strain on my lower back. Now that I have sorted this out, it is time start focusing on moving some weight again.



85 x 5
97,5 x 5
110 x 9

Incline Bench
50 x 8
70 x 5
80 x 7

Barbell Rows (pendlays)
50 x 10
70 x 9
90 x 4
100 x 8

Overhead Rope Extensions
some x a lot

Bench is coming back up a little slower than I had hoped, but fuck it - Ive got time.


110 x 5
127,5 x 5
145 x 12

Front Squat
some x some

Top set felt good and lighter than lasts weeks 142,5 x 12. Looks like Im getting used to higher reps again.



Did some pull-ups, seated DB cleans and very light push-downs. Finished off with a few rounds of DB farmer walks. Fun session.



55 x 3
65 x 3
72,5 x 9

BW x 10
+10 x 6
+20 x 11

Pull Ups
BW x some

DB Tri. Ext.
some x some



122,5 x 5
152,5 x 5
170 x 10

Good Mornings
some x some

Alt. DB Curls
worked up to 34 x 9

Left a couple of reps in the tank on the deadlift. Was able to get through the sets with no back pain, which Im very pleased with.



90 x 3
105 x 3
117,5 x 9

Incline Bench
50 x 10
70 x 6
90 x 8

BB Rows (strict, deadstop from the floor)
50 x 10
70 x 7
90 x 4
110 x 7

Overhead rope tri ext.
some x swole

Had a pretty shitty day, but the session turned out good, which helped a little on my mood. Bench is definitely getting stronger.



120 x 3
135 x 3
152,5 x 8

Hammer Curls
A few sets

Was shooting for 10 reps on the last set, but wasnt quite feeling it today.



60 x 5
67,5 x 3
75 x 7

BW x 10
+ 10 x 7
+ 25 x 8

Pull Ups/chins
Lots of low rep sets

DB Tri Ext
some weight x sets

Felt a little beat up today, deload coming up after Im done with this week.


What's your BW?
How long have you been lifting?

Anyways you're a strong guy!

By the way, Holder du også til på treningsforum/Iform?



140 x 5
160 x 3
180 x 8

Short and sweet. Decided not to push it any further as my back still feels a little sketchy.

robin: Thanks man. BW around 107 kg, about 186 cm tall. Nope, I dont really visit any other forums. What kind of weights are you putting up?



97,5 x 5
110 x 3
122,5 x 6

Incline press
3 sets

Deadstop BB Rows
Up to 110 x 7

Overhead rope tri extensions
3 x pump

The weights were feeling heavy today, I think the upcoming deload week will be good for me. Squats tomorrow.



127,5 x 5
145 x 3
162,5 x 5

Hammer Curls


Was shooting for six or seven reps, but that wasnt happening. Low back was shot after this, so I didnt do any assistance work except some hammer curls. Im gonna start doing DB rows instead of BB rows on bench day as soon as my olympic DB handle arrives, hopefully that´ll give my back some much needed respite.


I see your coming back from a break like myself. Hope your back sorts itself out injuries are a bitch. Strong lifts!! What do you train for? Any goals in mind?




Some light sets of press

3x20 BW dips

some pull-ups

some tri extensions

Kept it light and just focused on getting the blood flowing.

Pepe: Thanks man! Actually, my back is feeling pretty good now. As long as I keep my form tight on deads and stay away from barbell rows, I think I´ll be fine. I dont really have any specific goals except becoming strong, fast and conditioned. Gonna start adding in conditioning work shortly.