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Halliburton Gang Rape



"A Houston, Texas woman says she was gang-raped by Halliburton/KBR coworkers in Baghdad, and the company and the U.S. government are covering up the incident."

There are no words to describe my utter rage and disgust. Both at the actions of these... I refuse to call them 'men', and at the actions of Halliburton in conjunction with parts of our government.

You will say Muslims have done worse, and they have.

But we are not a 3rd world nation. We are not corrupted and oppressed by an extremist religion. And most importantly, we are not them. We are the United States of America, the most powerful and one of the freest nations on this Earth, and we should hold ourselves to a higher standard.

We have many great men and women in this country but unfortunately, we are now seeing a rise of a new kind of American. They are the cowards who still think they're cowboys and frontiersmen. They think being American is about having power and control over others, when it is everything but. It is a disgrace to our wonderful nation that creatures such as these exist within our citizenry.


Yeah, that's pretty bad there. These guys seem to be getting more and more out of control. Do they operate here in the U.S.? I think I read that they were in New Orleans after Katrina, shooting at looters.

I still wonder what it is like to work for them though.


What are you going on about? What do frontiersmen and cowboys have to do with this? A new kind of american? Rapists? What?


Well, she pretty cute, why not?


I'm assuming that's a joke, but it's still in pretty poor taste. If it's not a joke, you need to be evaluated by a psych.


That'd be a metaphor. I was displaying my disgust for the kinds of people that do this sort of sick shit.

I'm making an assumption that these guys saw themselves subconsciously as 'cowboy' type figures, bad ass adventurers who always get what they want becase they're "hard core".

Considering their profession am I likely wrong?


So, when Americans commit atrocities and cover them up we can joke about it and ignore it (despite feeling sick to our stomachs, as you probably do), but if any other nation does the same thing it's a friggen travesty that deserves a 5 page thread debating the motives and philosophies behind the actions.



If this is true, these people should get into trouble, definitely. If there was a doctor involved who had the evidence of rape, that should provide compelling testimony.

I am not sure we have all the information about this though.


I agree. Let's get the facts first.


So far we have Jones' testimony against Halliburton and the army. Jones claims there was a rape kit, that there is a cover up, blah blah blah.

She very well could be a victim and if she is, her attackers should receive the death penalty in my opinion.

She could also be after a lawsuit built on a phony story.

There could be reasons other than a gov't/corporate cover up for a lack of evidence.

I'm thinking Kobe Bryant...


You are using shitty metaphors but most would agree rape is terrible, and that if that is what really happened a cover up is even worse.


According to lixy, she is a slut, and should be punished.



If this rape happened as she said, every person involved needs to be severely punished.

Did you guys know that Dick Cheney used to be the head of Halliburton?



Well, yeah, you could be very wrong. And, it's like you're trying to make some broader statement. Of course, the "considering their profession" line sort of makes that clear.

That being said, I'll watch where this goes. However, I'm not going to accept anyone's side of the story and start making unqualified psychological evaluations.


In all fairness to Halliburton, there's dirt everywhere and it'll always be covered up.


Maybe this is why women are not allowed to go into combat?

Anyway, she went into a combat zone. People lose their inhibitions when in unusual situations like that. The guys may have misinterpreted her wishes or she may have gotten high and wanted a gangbang.

This will probably be another 'She said, he said' and be dropped.


^^ yeah though even if the "kit" was lost, the doctor's testimony might be enough. Of course, he might...umm...mysteriously disappear.


I was thinking that I hope they come back limbless having to be cared for and a burden on their parents -- for not teaching them any better.

I felt bad for about a slit-second as the thought occurred to me.


Are we sure this happened? That is the question, if it did then he needs to be hung by his balls and beaten like a pinata. Unfortunately, in this day and age unsubstantiated accusations like this happen all the time.


It had the desired effect....