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Hall of Warriors


So I was thinking about what I would do If I ever opened my own Gym. I think I would call it the Hall of warriors. The entrance to the Gym would be a long hallway the length of the building. Essentially a wall built all the way down. The hallway is dimly lit and there is heavy metal playing pretty loudly (obviously within reason). Along the walls there is artwork of all types of muscular warriors, Gladiators, Vikings, Superheroes Etc... But have an artist do it Badass and dark. Then have little lights over the artwork. Kind like you are entering the Hall of warriors. When you get to the door it opens up to a Gym with a few sections. A powerlifting area, a standard area with machines and free weights, and Oly lift area and maybe a GPP or strongmand hybrid area.

I would hand select the music and make one super huge badass playlist. If people wanted a song added they could recommend it etc... but it would be go music. No stupid ass rules.

So thoughts? also, share your cool Gym ideas.

And if I ever walk into a gym that has this setup, I'm gonna beat that ass for stealing... Haha no just kidding, Just don't do it in my back yard, but please, please do it.





Conan would be required.



Basic Layout



LOL @ the somewhat pointless walkway along the side.

You should make it a requirement that all members wear helmets in the gym so they can bang their head against the walls in that hallway. Let's get hype!!!


Staff it with champions of each discipline. Guys that know how to win and are willing to show others how to do the same.


Members should have to win a sword fight after walking the hall before trying to enter the "Warrior Training Area". If you make it today good luck tomorrow. Functional training at it's best.


LOL I like it, keep em coming.

Oh lanky, YOU are somewhat pointless, so the walkway was designed for you.

We could hire staff, Like washed up American gladiators, and have the walkway be a gauntlet. They take those sticks with the padded ends and try to beat you into submission. If you get through, you can workout.



Everyone should wear a kilt. Kilts are awesome.


I think so.


Any children born to gym members will be taken away at the age of seven and formed into groups with others their age to be trained as fierce bloodthirsty warriors devoted only to service and protection of the gym...

too much?


Nope that's about perfect.
Keep em coming



I think fire should be involved. Fire is good.


But what about us broke fuckers? Some of us can't afford a kilt.


I think it's a perfectly acceptable idea.


Add this. Slay evil.


Instead of barbells you should have huge axes to lift!
And horses instead of benches!


Well if we're going with Frank Frazetta (RIP) we must include "Death Dealer"

This hangs framed on the wall by my bed so it is the first thing I see every morning...


A gigantic "this is Sparta" hole in the ground.


Why can't more women be like you......