Halil Kara Bench LOG! Incredible

hey guys

i just recorded my benchday!

here �±s the video

Great lifting, have you considered starting a log on here? It might be a better way to keep track of your training and have all of these videos in one place.

yes i do, i wanted it upload on the train log thread but i uploaded in this thread bye mistake

Oh ok, this may be a dumb question given your username but are you a bench only guy or do you do the other lifts too?

That’s some great benching at 18 years old (for that matter, at any age). I’d definitely check out your log if you decided to make one!

Just out of curiosity, where in DE you at? Have you competed at all? I’m in D’Dorf.

Nice benching…is that typically how you train bench or were you going for a new 1 rep max ?

thanks for the replys. i will do the log in this threat guys.

tylerkeen42 an no ? dont doonly bench … i do dead and squat as well … but bench is my favo exercise

tredaway … i change my trainstyle every week … i do one rep max one time the week

newest video ! Shoulder training ! 8.24.14

newest video

my latest video guys ! Shoulderworkout, specially MilitaryPress until 105 Kilo !!
i hope you will enjoy the video !

enjoy it =)