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Does anyone know much about halibut? In particular, I’m wondering about the Omega-3 content.

I just tried cooking up some in my George Foreman grill, using one of their recipes, and it was freakin’ awesome! (Look out ko, char-dawg’s gonna start breathin’ down your neck…) Protein content’s there, but I’m wondering about the fats…

Also, for anyone who knows, is there a nutritive or other qualitative difference between halibut and flatfish? Far as I can see they’re the same fish, it’s just that one lies on its left side and the other on its right. (For anyone who’s interested, the Japanese actually have two different words for the fish, and woe be unto you if you mix them up.) But if there are any fish experts out there, or if anyone can point me to a URL, I’d appreciate it. Thanks!

Nutritional value: The fat content of Atlantic halibut varies considerably, but it normally
contains roughly 1 gramme of omega-3fatty acids per 100 g fillet and is a good source of vitamin D. Atlantichalibut is also a healthy source of protein and is rich in selenium.

I just found a cookbook that lists ish according to their omega 3 content. Halibut 3 grams of fat per ounce (about a third of what salmon has) with .4 grams coming omega 3. Sole and flounder have around 1.5 grams of fat per ounce with .2 grams coming from omega 3. There is not much diference in fat content but when it comes to grilling there is a huge difference. Halibut grills nicely, sole and flounder are a serious bitch, and best suited for poaching or pan frying.

Appreciate the replies, guys. Ko, what’s the name of that cookbook? Sounds like something I need for my library…