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Halfway Through My Rookie Season

When I first started TRT (TT: 237), my doc overmedicated me. 1ML of 200mg once a week, with 1mg anastrozole 2x week.

While I saw simply amazing results in weeks 3-5 (libido like you see in the movies, and I don’t mean Beaches), at the end of the 2nd month I just didn’t “feel right.”

I was eating like a horse, retaining water, and my BP was climbing.

Even though KSManScience suggested 1/2 that dosage, I thought to myself, “Fuck self, you were so far in the weeds that you need that dosage.”

I wasn’t really seeing the body composition changes I had hoped…

And then I ran my Free Test, found it through the roof, and deduced my SHBG was low. A bit more research indicated gents with low SHBG do better with lower dosing and more often.

Hence the titrating down to .12ML (at 200mg) EOD, 250IU HCG EOD.

And man do I feel better.

I feel less, well, less like I was going to pop – felt like Veruca Salt from Willy Wonka. You know, the blueberry dame.

I did all of this myself, if I was still following my Doc’s advice, I’d be … well, fucking in the weeds.

So there is much truth to the thought, “empower yourself with knowledge and labs.” Do the reading. THINK for yourself.

I like this forum because of its comraderie… There’s not really dickishness here. No sophomoric humor at dudes talking about their wood.

Sure sure, there’s also a ton of bro-science here.

But I figure, take what I need, and leave the rest.