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Halfway Through My First Cycle

alright well I can’t help you then, but good luck with the rest of your cycle. As a general rule if you’re trying to get bigger and it’s not working, then add more food. If you’re trying to lose weight and it’s not working then eat less food. It’s hard to be more specific without knowing exact details.

I’m going to assume you’re using an AI and have all your PCT drugs ready.

I’m open for suggestions if you have a work out or meal plan an ya I have all that set aside I really wanna get the loose skin to lift I just wanna look normal but I’m also new to the whole cycle thing

ok well I hope you are using your AI and not just having it “on hand” like some people do. Seriously, if you’re not using it, start now.

I can try and help a bit with a cutting diet. What’s your height/weight?

I’m 5"10 I started at 213 I’m 230 now an no I use it 3x a week

so you’ve gained 17lbs? Isn’t that what you wanted to do? Or are you trying to cut?

I’m just throwing this out since no one else has. Perhaps the gear you are running is complete bunk.


That’s a lot of weight to gain if it was bunk.

So maybe it is water weight from aromatization. Who knows.

No I mean I’m puffy in the face an a couple of my buddy’s are rubning it it gp an I verified the lot number etc on there site. What’s aromization

An ya if the wieght is muscle an not fat that’s great just hard to decyfer

How did you come up with your body fat percentage? It doesn’t match the pictures. You look closer to 25% in the day one pic and that is no place to start a cycle.

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The thing you hold on to the grips. I know there not real accurate but the main reason I wanted to do this is to get rid of this loose skin. I lost about 90-100 lbs in the coarse of a year an now I can’t stand looking in the mirror I just wanted to give this a shot figured it’s worth a shot

should have stayed away from gear until you reached your genetic potential. You had a ton of work to do with your training/diet before adding aas into the mix.

just my 2 cents.

cyp has long esters, meaning itll take longer to kick in. should have done d bol 40mgs first 4 weeks.

you went into this completely blind. You did almost zero research before you started. I don’t know how in the hell you think running a steroid cycle would help you lose loose skin, but it definitely doesn’t do that.

As for why you’re not seeing the results you’re wanting to see, my guess is your training sucks, and probably your diet as well.

Everything about this is bad. My totally honest opinion is that you should stop now.

BUT before you do, I want to make sure you have your PCT planned correctly. What, exactly, are you going to take, and in what amounts, when you finish your cycle?

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first of all, congrats on losing all that bodyfat.

secondly, gaining 17 lbs in that short of a timeframe is impressive (although i suspect a decent amount is water from estrogen conversion). it looks like your shoulders and back are a lot thicker.

now the rest of this is gonna be kinda harsh, but realize we’re all trying to help you…

your training regime is oddly complicated… i’d tweak that a lot. also, are you doing an HIIT or cardio?

your diet sounds decent.

if you’re not taking an aromatase inhibitor (arimidex, aromasin, etc), then you need to start… if your face is puffy, you’re holding water.

also, make sure you get your post cycle squared away… i’ll attach a link for that below.

no steroid cycle will help you lose loose skin, unless you gain a massive amount of muscle. hGH/GHRP’s might help a bit, but you might need surgery down the road.

why you need an AI:

Post Cycle Therapy:

Na I have armidex I take 3x a week I have my pct clomide liquid. I was working out with a guy who’s huge but now I work over nights 12hr shifts he sends me the workouts. I’m always open for new workout ideas. As far as the loose skin I mean I’m 23 I’ll see what happens in the coarse of the next two years but before I jump under scalpel is rather try an repair it through training. I appreciate the replys tho an if u have workouts or a diet lmk I love training it’s my life I would love to try new routines I just stick with what the guy tells me because he’s huge that good ol find someone in the gym you wanna look like an train with him. But I’m worried he’s more about Mataining rather then continuing to grow

With all due respect, have you done your research properly, you would know that there is no way to get rid of loose skin with training (at least not to a significant extent) - please see Chris Shugart’s article https://www.t-nation.com/diet-fat-loss/loose-skin-the-facts.

Judging by your pics you have a fair amount of loose skin in your pec section and steroids will definitely not help with this.

Like someone already mentioned, at this BF you have no business using gear. Since you said that you already lost a lot of weight I suggest to just keep at it without gear.

The guys (flipcollar, yogi, cyco…etc) will give you advice how to stop using gear (PCT and such), I’m sure of it.


what dose of arimidex are you taking?

you need to reevaluate, as it’s clearly not working, based off your water retention…

Anastrover 1mg. What should I up it up to