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Halfway Through Blast, Went to the Doc

Background: 41, on trt, normal bp is 120/65, hdl 40, ldl 96

On week 8 of a 14 week blast of 400 deca and 500 test and superdrol PWO 10 mg 3 x a week for maybe 2 weeks (started week 6 to break through a plateau but only used it for 2 weeks)

So I go to my doc today, hdl is 20, ldl 150, HCT is 52 so I did plebotomy today and BP was 168/90 pre plebotomy and 140/80 after…

What to do? Go back to trt and normalize this stuff? Def dropping the superdrol. Or keep blast and do more phlebotomy etc?

I’m thinking stop, go back to trt and get it all straightened out then maybe stick with test prop 150 EOD x 6 weeks for future blasts?

How much cardio do you do? Is your E2 under control? Both of those can help lower BP and cardio can improve cholesterol, not sure about lower E2. I donate blood regularly to keep HCT somewhat in check. But yeah most steroids will fuck your lipids and BP, it goes with the territory. SD is a fairly harsh oral as well. I’m 41 and on TRT as well, and I’d probably up the cardio to 6x a week for 30 min (if you’re not already there), make sure my E2 was under control, and recheck my BP regularly. If it goes back up, you could either stop the cycle or try to get some lisinopril, propranolol, or other BP drug.

E2 30
I really think it’s the superdrol, I’m too old for that.
Good points though, I essentially do zero cardio., I do have 5 kids 7 and under so my phone says I walk 2 miles a day. I will get on my treadmill 30 mins 6 x a week and check
Also have cialis and fish oil I’ll start taking daily.

I’m stopping the blast cause what’s the point? I have to get healthy and I don’t even go anywhere with carona so no need to be constantly jacked.

Yeah E2 is definitely in check. 5 kids is nuts, that is plenty of walking but I wager it doesn’t get your heart rate up very high for a sustained period of time. If you can get your heart up to 120-150 for ~30 min at a time (or longer, but that’s the min), that made a big difference in mine.

What else did you expect form superdrol ? Results you mention were 100% expected.

Yeah but I took 6 10mg tabs over 2 weeks, that’s insane!

True, I misread and thought it was more. Anyway, I was 5 months on tren but wouldn’t touch supedrol :smiley:


HCT at 52 is not alarming, and you can drink more water a day to bring it down

Not particularly, it only takes a few days for orals to seriously alter lipids, and dosage wise it doesn’t take much either. 5mg sdrol/day should be more than enough to drop HDL/increase LDL. All AAS (even testosterone, though less so) deleteriously effect lipids. 400mg deca + 10mg sdrol 3x weekly is more than enough to cause LDL 150 + HDL 20.

6mg stanonzolol/day statistically (according to literature) drops HDL by like 50%, increases LDL by around 30%… that’s only six milligrams per day!

Unreal. On average. How long does it take the body to rerun to base line after cycle

I was in on oxandrolone and hdl was 17, checked 4 weeks later and it was 46. So pretty quick return to normal for me