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Halfway Into First Test Cycle, Bloods Results

Hi all, I am just past the halfway point of my first cycle (500mg test e split into 2x 250mg across the week). I’ve got my results back from my blood tests and thought I would share with you guys to see if there is anything I should take note of.

Name Score Range

Red blood cells
Haemoglobin 147g/L 130-170

Haematocrit 0.443L/L 0.38-0.5

Red Cell count 5.1 4.4-5.8

MCV 86.9fl 81-98

MCH 29.9pg 27-33

MCHC 333g/L 300-350

RDW 12.10% 11.5-14.4

White blood cells
White cell count 6.25 03-Oct

Neutrophils 3.01 2-7.5

Lymphocytes 2.41 1.2-3.65

Monocytes 0.59 0.2-1

Eosinophils 0.13 0-0.4

Basophils 0.07 0-0.1

Clotting status
Platelet count 333 150-400

MPV 10.8fl 7-13

Kidney Health
UREA 7mmol/L 2.5-7.8

Creatinine 111umol/L 59-104

EGFR 63.02

Liver Health
ALP 71iu/l <130

ALT 36.7iu/l <50

GGT 26iu/l 10-71

Total protein 71g/L 60-80

Albumin 39.4g/l 35-50

Globulin 31/8g/l 19-35

Cholesterol status
Total cholesterol 6.07mmol/L 0-5

LDL cholesterol 3.96nmol/L <3

Non HDL cholesterol 5.1nmol/L <4

HDL cholesterol 0.97nmol/L >1.1

Total cholesterol: HDL 6.26 ratio <4

Triglycerides 2.51nmol/L <1.7

Muscle health
Creatinine kinase 403iu/L 39-308

Iron status
Iron 11.81umol/L 5.8-34.5

Ferritin 22.9ug/L 30-400

Thyroid hormones
TSH 1.86miU/L 0.27-4.2

Free thyroxine 11.8pmol/L 12-22

Oestradiol 290pmol/L 41-159

Testosterone 116nmol/L 8.64-29

My cholesterol levels while high, are slightly lower than my annual blood tests from January 2019.

I have 7 weeks remaining on my first cycle and intend to see it through.

Stats: 39 years old, 180cm, 103kg which is up from 90kg pre-cycle

Jesus you’ve put on 13kg (over 26lbs) of weight, that’s insanely unhealthy in my opinion. This is why I won’t run testosterone cycles anymore. Cant be anymore than 2-3kg of muscle out of the 13kg?


My 90kg was after a cut for a martial arts competition, so it proper starting weight would be more like 94-96