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Halflife Injectable D-bol?

i know that orals have a halflife of 4-5 hours, so i should be taking at least 3 of them a day. i was wondering if i could use the injectable once a day. it would really suck to have to shoot up every 4-5 hours.

my next cycle will look like this: test cypionate 250mg twice a week, tren 75mg EOD, d-bol 25mg 3 X a day or equivilant injectable d-bol
orals weeks 1-8
injectables weeks 1-12

I would suggest injecting your d-bol atleast twice a day. You can get away with one-a-day shots, but twice a day will help keep your blood serum levels alot more even thoughout. It will also keep serum levels from spiking too high or too low. This will help ward off some side effects too.

Who here has used injectable dbol before. I’ve only seen it available once or twice and I’m not certain what the advantages would be. It’s still hepatoxic, right?