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Halfbreed is Back from the Sofa!


…yeah back from the sofa.

34 y.o.
BW: 90kg

Best lifts (over the last 4 years. been away for allmost a year)
Bench: 110kg *2
Squat: 140kg *2
Deadlift: 160kg *3
OHP: 77.5kg *1
Push Press: 90kg *1

3 meals a day
lunch@work : 6 eggs -scrambled + fish oil.
dinner@home : meat (of some kind) + rice or potatoes or pasta (very rarely) + veggies
workout days : mon, wed, fri. around 20:00-21:00 approx.
late night (from 20:00-23:00 depending on different factors of life) : shake + leftovers from dinner.

full body workouts.
push, pull, hinge and squat every session.

Training background: muddy and infused with training ADD.

Stronger and leaner (hairy goal, but i will take any PR i can get)
Improve my 3km run - currently best 14min 30sec.


Workout april 13th

startup : defranco’s agile 8

A1: Front Squat 6/5/4/3
50kg6 60kg5 70kg4 80kg3

A2: Pushups

A3: Neutral grip pullups

DB complex holding 20kg db’s and don’t let go of’em. 1rep on all, rest 30 sec. 2rep, 3rep…
B1 incline bench 30degrees
B2 chest suported row on same bench
B4 Lunges - finish one leg at the time

*forearms trembling so hard, put and end to it.

C1: Seated cable row - BW on machine max reps
90kg12, 90kg11, 90kg8
C2: DB Clean and press
2, 352, 37.51

I was happy about the setup today and the complex left me dripping wet. figured i’d go all out on those rows to finish it up and the c’n’p felt way to heavy.
front squats felt hard and strange, basically since i haven’t done them in years.


Todays foodintake
10:45 lunch: 6 scrambled eggs and fish oil.
16:00 dinner: homme made meatballs (ground beef and bacon 2:1 ratio. garlic pan fired in coconutoil. home made tzatsiki. home made french fries 1 fistfull.
21:30 post workout shake: 2 scoops whey in water with 1 tbs honey.
22:30 post post workout shake: 3 scoops whey in water 1 tbs honney.

total kcal for today, i dunno really. but as a note on portions the last 2 weeks compared to the last 2 years… well i had french fries with dinner, but instead of half a plate i took 1 fistful (1/5 of a plate) ate more meat instead. and generally cutting the most obvious of crap food from my intake.
things such as juice, sodas, candy and weekdays of drinking :stuck_out_tongue: man i love beer…

goal here is improvements, not perfection. my brain is allready trying to convince me there is protein in beer and whiskey. damn, i love whiskey too.



Foodintake 14.04.16
lunch: 3 scoops whey + flax seeds and cinnamon to taste. fish oil.
dinner: 375g salmon + 2 eggs and approx 50g of butter.
late night snack: apple and cottage cheese with cinnamon.

close to no carbs today, as it’s a non workout day.


Lets see, todays workout and foodintake coming right up.

breakfast: 3 scoops whey and fishoil
Lunch: 3 scoops whey with cinnamon and 1 apple.
Dinner: Groundbeef, red bellpeppers, lettuce, cheese and chilli powder. approx 200g of beef.
pre workout: 60g carbs + 5g bcaa + creatine.
post workout meal: chicken wings, all the wings!


Defranco’s agile 8 + shin box drill.

Strength - 4 rounds - 1.5min rest between rounds
A1 Squats 5 reps @ 80%
100kgx5, 100kgx5, 100kgx5, 100kgx5
A2 Hanging leg raise:
8, 8, 8, 8
A3 Lat pulldown
50kgx20, 50kgx20, 50kgx20, 50kgx20

Extra work - 4 rounds
B1: BB Row
60kgx10, 65kgx10, 70kgx10, 75kgx10
B2: OH Press (clean the bar up on first rep)
40kgx10, 45kgx10, 50kgx10, 55kgx8 (slight leg drive on last rep)

C1: DB Shrugs - 50 total
55kgx20, 55kgx20, 55kgx10
C2: Tricep pushdowns - 50 total
20kgx25, 20kgx25

So check this out, I descided I was gonne be a ATG guy. Been doing box squats the last years. Why didn’t anyone tell me ATG squats are a total different excersise?!?! I mean, Squats with thighs parrallell to floow is no cake walk, but this is the worst. the 80% squats felt more like 90% squats. I did view Alpha’s 3 tips for a better squat on his never satesfied site wich helped me stay tighter and more upright.
The overhead press felt nice, zero pain in the right shoulder today and that is a hughe win. I’ve been tormented with inflamation there for years, it’s work related, not workout related. I have myself concluded this hehe.


Saturday food intake:
brunch: 6 eggs with graded cheese and fishoil. lots of coffe.
rest of the day went into working on the computer and more coffe.
i could call this a fasted day but in reality it was a badly planned day.
had 2 non alcoholic beers at night.

Sunday fod intake:
lunch: 8 eggs, lots of crispy bacon, approx 200g, fish oil and coffee.
dinner: eating out with family and friends i ordered:
210g chicken, some salad and a very nice garlic dressing, diet soda.

overall very low intake this weekend.


Food intake today:
Breakfast: 2 cups pitch black coffee!
Lunch: Fish oil, 4 scoops whey shake w/3tbs evoo.
Dinner: homemade chiken curry with coconut oil and lots of red peppers and chilli. 1 cup rice.
pre-workout: 2 scoops carby-creatine-bcaa-mix. approx 67g carbs. 5g bcaa.
post workout: restitution drink: 32g carbs 20g protein.
post post-workout: restitution drink: 32g carbs 20g protein.



Started with Defranco’s agile 8 + shin box drill.

Complex 2 rounds 8 reps each excersise 40kg barbell.
BB Row
Hang Clean
Behind the neck press
Good mornings
dropp bar down and do 8 stick stoulder dislocators.

Strength work - 6 rounds
A1 Squatstance Deadlift:
120kgx3, 125kgx3, 130kgx3, 135kgx3, 140kgx3, 145kgx3
A2 Weighted chinups (palms facing me)
BW+14kgx3, BW+14kgx3, BW+12x3, BW+12x3, BW+14x3, BW+14x3
A3 Hanging leg raises

Volume work - 4 rounds
B1 Weighted dips
BWx10kg, BW+10kgx8, BW+20kgx8, BW+26kgx7 rep PR!
B2 DB Row
37kgx10, 40kgx8, 47kgx8, 50kgx8

Finisher - 3 rounds - 30sec between rounds
50kg suitcase carry Right side 20m
Broad Jumps x5
50kg suitcase carry Left side 20m
20kg Plate frontraise all the way up 10 reps.

deads were impossible to get off the floor today, felt like the last 3 sets was glued. remedied by getting the bar rolling and possibly tightening the lats and glutes harder.

the volume bit got me rethingking reps past 5.
BW+26kgx7 was a rep pr!
The rows felt right for once.

the finisher had me walking a thin line between puking and fainting. my condition sucks bawls.
also noted that my stomach was pertruding on the side i was carrying on during the suitcase rounds… looked freaky and wierd.


Tuesday food intake:
lunch : 4 scoops whey + cinnamon and fish oil.
dinner : 300g cod with rice and a paproke-sauce. all homemade.
last meal : 4 eggs, scrambled.

Wednesday food intake:
running errands allday, didn’t plan this day well so we skip right up to dinner:
hommemade kebab. lots and lots of meat salad corn and some dressing.
and that was the only meal.


thursday food:
lunch: monster no carb drink. caffeine!
dinner: pig loin sliced into leafs and pan fried with paprika 250g ish. potatoe with butter and spices.
post workout meal: 300g cottage cheese with banana and strawberries.


Defranco’s agile 8 + 10min on stationary bike.

Strength work - 5 rounds
A1 Squats @ 90%
110kgx3, 110kgx3, 110kgx3, 110kgx3, 110kgx3,
A2 N-Grip pullup
7, 7, 7, 7, 7
A3 V-situps
12, 12, 12, 12, 12

More work - 4 rounds
B1 Band pullaparts
20, 20, 20, 20
B2 Benchpress 8 reps @ 80%
85kgx8, 85kgx8, 85kgx8, 85kgx8

Finisher - 3 rounds
C1 Cable row (BW on pulley : 92kg)
92kgx14, 92kgx11, 92kgx9
C2 Hang Clean
60kgx8, 60kgx7, 60kgx6
BB Shrugs
60kgx9, 60kgx11, 60kgx10

squats felt nice and tight today, but squeese, bencd bar over my back and knees out. think then do, repeat.

bench was solid, good speed.

finisher was a dumb idea to make all 3 of’em forearm heavy. the last hang cleans i had to do 6 singles.


So do I!!!

What kind of beer do you like? I am a lover of porters and stouts :beers:


casual corona drinker but i do enjoy the darker guinnies too. and i’m a little biased towards “nordlands pils”.

and as a self proclaimed viking i’ve enjoyed mead from time to time.


Food intake: (aiming for 3000kcal, BW x 15)
Breakfast <- I friggin’ ate breakfast!!! 4 eggs and 8 ounce oats.
Lunch: 300g cottage cheese with banana and strawberries and cinnamon.
this was also a pre-wo meal.
post workout: 2 scoops whey.
later today i will have chicken wings for dinner - to fill up the remaining kcal for the day.
A glass of red wine with my wife.

Defranco’s agile 8

strength work - 5 rounds
A1 SquatStance Deadlift
100kgx6, 110kgx6, 120kgx6, 130kgx6, 140kgx6
A2 Hanging legraises - 1 sec pause at the top and slow eccentrics.
8, 8, 8, 8, 8
A3 Handstand Pushups
8, 8, 8, 8, 11
A4 Side plank 20sec each side
5 sets
A5 weighted widegrip pullups
bwx6, bw+6kgx4, bw+10kgx4, bw+14kgx2, bwx7

only one big circle today, fun challange.
last set of deads was nice, couldn’t have done one more.
same on the handstand pushups, 11 reps to faliure
during the pullups it felt as gravity doubled.

all in all good tempo, kept pause between sets at 20sec max. 2min between circuits.


food intake:
breakfast : none, well coffee
lunch : none, again more coffee
dinner: 200g cottage cheese with blueberries eaten while hussling the kids and wife out of the house.
post workout: finally a quiet moment so 4 eggs and 2dl oats with cinnamon.
post post workout: hmmm, might not happen…

  • it’s just one of those days -


strength work
A1 squats 5/4/3/2/1
100kgx5, 110kgx4, 120kgx3, 130kgx2, 140kgx1
A2 pullups, vary grip and get 50 total
50 total reps.

B1 band pullaparts
20, 20, 20, 20, 20
B2 Benchpress
60kgx10, 70kgx7, 80kgx6, 90kgx6, 100kgx6+2+2+2

C1 Leg press
200kgx10, 200kgx10, 200kgx8 failure
C2 db flyes on the floor
10kgx20, 10kgx20, 10kgx20


i wanted that 140kg squat, and i got to parralell and felt the weight crusging me and pushing me forward. i screamed on the inside and got it up. happy but not satisfied. i wanted a clean rep.

benchpress was heavier than i liked, so i went for a 6RM and rest paused the alst set to get double the reps total.

i haven’t done leg press in over a year. it was a humbling expirience. fun to go to failure… not.

after a day of not getting proper food in, i guess the lifts was ok. still pissed about the squat.


yesterdays eating: tomato soup with eggs. that was the whole day. sorry body!

todays food intake:
4 eggs, 2.5dl oats with connamon in 5dl boiling water.
pulled beef 200g, lots of rice.
post workout:
4 scoops whey.


defranco’s agile 8.

strength work:
Hang clean to push press:
60kgx3, 60kgx3, 60kgx3, 60kgx3, 60kgx3

B1 Closegrip bench
90kgx5, 90kgx5, 90kgx5, 90kgx5
B2 incline chest sup db row
26kg DB’s x 12 32kg db’s x10 32kg db’s x10 32kg db’s x10
B3 ab wheel rollout
10, 10, 10, 10
B4 rope curls!
15kgx15, 20kgx12, 20kgx12, 20kgx12

Pump work
C1 wide grip lat pulldowns, 1 sec hold
45kgx10, 55kgx10, 65kgx8
C2 seated BB clean to press and behind the neck press.
17kgxmany, 22kgx11, 27kgx8

Conditioning 5 rounds.
200m sprint @ 60% ish + 100m walk

hectic day, got in the gym, didn’t have a plan. winged it.
elbows are acting up, pinching pain at the tip of the bone. remedied by rope curls… well mabye not remedied but felt better.
great pump tho.
nice little conditioning at the end, i need more but gotta realise my hughe gap in that area and start with baby steps.

good night and zzzzzzzleeep tight!


notes to self:

buid a proper routine with buildt in goals. mabye use 5/3/1 for squat, deadlift, bench and ohp.
I pretty much suck at all the lifts so no need to have special focus on any of them.
change from commercial gym and start at the power lifting gym at some point…
get a gym buddy, beent raining alone for a decade.
get a pt or atleast sessions to assess my shit.
get more conditioning work in!
nutrition: stop having close to 0 kcal days… case in point, yesterday. 2 eggs… wtf. no appetite.
go see a doctor about them elbows.
-this might be benching or it could be work, spending alot of time hammering against concrete.

ok, pretty epic list of complaints agains myself.

concrete goals:
squat: 180kg <- loooong way to go. 2 years mabye
deadlift: 220kg <- same as above
bench: 140kg <- a year from now.
ohp: bodyweight (90kg) <- same as bench.

how come i can do hand stand pushups with my own bodyweight and not even close to 90kg overhead press…


Allright, back with an actual workout plan.
weekend was rather meh! ate alot of meet no doubt but also ice cream and had a few beers.

First day first week on 5/3/1

Squat TM = 125kg
Deadlift TM = 145kg
OHP TM = 55kg
Bench TM = 100kg

To satart the session off i did sprints.
5 sprints @ 50m walking 150m to recover between.

Main lifts:
Squat: 70%x3, 80%x3, 90%x3+
87,5kg x3, 100kg x3, 110kg x6 (filmed it)
Bench 5x5@75%
75kg x5 5sets
supersetted with pullups

Ab wheel rollout 3 sets
10, 10, 10
Pushups 3 sets
20, 20, 20

skwaats was feeling okish today, forgot to really tighten the upper back and fell a bit forward but saved it.
Bench: i put forth effort to be as explosive as possible on these after the 1 sec pause on chest.
supersetted with pullups, finally getting more than 5-6 reps per set.
abs still sore after last time, takes some to get used to doing ab work.
goal on the pushups will be to get 100 reps in 3-4 sets. i was so pumped after 60!


Week 1 day 2

started with defranco’s agile 8 and shinbox drill.

main lifts
Squatstance deadlift + knees to elbows 8 reps between sets.
100kg x3, 115kg x3, 130kg x10
40kg 5 reps 5 sets

Assistance work
A1 Back raises holding 10kg plate
A2 DB curls
20kg db’s 8, 8, 8
A3 chest suported db row
32kg db’s 10, 10, 10

B1 bb shrugs
120kg x6 x6 x6
B2 bb reverse curls
30kg x8 x8 x7

deadlifts above 6 reps, haven’t done that in a while. felt awsome and awful at the same time. hard to say if it was a rep pr since it was by default and not challenging a previous lift.

assistance work got me the intended pump. backraises done with 1 sec hold on top.

food intake today:
breakfast: 4 eggs and 1 cup oats.
lunch: 2 eggs and 1 cup oats. (i was out of eggs at work)
dinner: 40g protein from whey+casein mix and 2tbs olive oil.
pre workout: 1 can pinapple and 20g whey.
post workout: 40g whey.
post post workout 40g whey. muft also find some carbsies around the house…


food intake today:
breakfast: coffee and a large fistful of almonds.
lunch: 4 eggs and 1 cup oats.
dinner: beef stew with rice and salad.
pre workout: 50g whey -30min
post workout: scrambled eggs and beef jerky.

rushed to the gym and jumped right into the workout.

main lifts
a1 squats (paused see video) 5x5@75%
90kg 5 reps 5 sets. filmed the last set.
a2 v-situp
10, 10, 10

b1 bench max reps @ 90% of TM (filmed last set)
70kg x3, 80kg x3, 90kg x14 rep pr!
b2 rubber band pullaparts
20, 20, 20

assistance work:
c1 neutral grip db bench
25kg x12, 30kg x10 x10
c2 overhead shrug
50kg x10, x10, x10
c3 face pull
20kg x20 x20 x20

a fellow gymrat taunted my tiny arms into a bicep curl duel. I lost. but I got a good pump, so in a way I won too.

squats felt nice and tight today. i was leaning a bit forward so still needs tuning.
bench was wibbly wobbly. awful reps.
neutral grip bench gives me better contrction in the pecs than benchpress.
overhead shrugs was fun, did them seated as not to do any leg cheating.

movie of pause squats.


movie of max rep bench 90kg x14

week 2 day 1.


Allright, lets get the akward manflu week outta the way. I was useless for a week.

Met an old lifting buddy of mine and we got to chatting. Now i’m guilty og program hopping since I descided to join him on his routine. Max effor days and Dynamic effort days it seems.

I will still be doing the big 3, squat, deads and bench.
-confession over-

Monday workout:
week 1 cycle 1
Max effort squat
A1 Low box squat - ramp up to 3rm
40, 60, 80, 100, 110, 120, 130, 140x3 - PR!
A2 hanging leg raises


stiff legged deads - paused@knee
60kgx8, 65kgx8, 70kgx8, 75kgx8

Incline bench situps
15, 15, 10, 10

Back raises
10, 10, 10, 10

Wednesday workout
Max effort banch

A1 Close grip bench - ramp up to 3rm
20, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100 - PR! 110 x3 - big PR! (recorded both)
A2 V-situps
10, 10, 10, 10, 10

T-bar rows
40kg x15, 50kg x12, 60kg x10 70kg x8 (recorded last set)

C1 Lying DB Tricep extensions
14kg x12, 16kg x12, 20kg x10, 20kg, x9
C2 DB shrugs
35kg x10, 35kg x10, 42kg x8 + 25kg x12

notes about both workouts:

Squats, squats, squats… 140kg x3 was a big thing for me, think i let out a uncontrollable roaring “YEEEESSS” after racking it. mental berrier broken and even tho i allmost quit on the last rep as i came way forward i managed to struggle trough it. wish i recorded that.

close bench is scary close to my regular bench.

uploading videos shortly.

food intake:
breakfast - 6 eggs, walnuts and almonds and a shot of fishoil.
lunch - a cup of assorted nuts - almonds, walnuts, cashews, pistahcio.
dinner - vegetables and chicken woked in coconut oil, some worchester sauce to taste and sprinkled with sesamy seeds.
peri-workout nutrition - 40g whey mixed in 0.5L milk

-half out


close grip 110kg x3

t bar rows… ummm, camera angle :confused: