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Halfbreed, Half the Work?!


I've been carrying around this logbook to the gym. It's worn out, there is doodles in it and some wheyshake got spillt so that 8 pages got glued together, once a guy just sat his sweaty shorts right on it - the inc instantly smeared over the page. I ran to the gym with it, clutching it to my chest while the rain pissed down, it's a 7 sec sprint, but it got soaked so did I. I can somewhat proudly look back at 6 months of training, and in shame I can also recognize my biggest error, inconsistency.

/intro out.

So, over to the actual log. I've grown very fond of the 5/3/1 way of training, and after a break during summer I feel it's time to get back into it. This first week will be a test week to see what I've got to calculate from.

50 JJ's
33 Pushups
2 mins jump rope
50 JJ's

3xBW pullups before each set of military total of 24 reps.
Military Press 6x30kg, 5x35, 4x40, 3x45, 3x50, 3x55, 4x60, finisher 10x50kg

*60kg as 4 rep max, or 90% of 1RM. to calculate with.

Dips and DB rows supersetted.
Dips 10xBW, 10xBW, 10xBW, 10xBW
DB rows 10x26kg, 10x31kg, 8x36kg, 8x40kg

Stretched and went home.


I'm not gonna make excuses for the weights, I honestly busted my balls and I do know i'm on the weaker side of lifting. As a side note I rescently got a tear in my trapezius and my terapist told me not to produse alot of lactic acid. Still recovering.


height 173cm, 28 y.o.

Measly measurements<

BW 83.5kg (187 LBs) BF 18%

Gut: 93cm
Thigh: 59cm
Chest: 105cm
L.arm: 33cm
R.arm: 33cm
Calf: 40cm

was depressive to measure the BF%, did Romans FPFL in may and went from 24% to 14% and lost about 10LBS bodyweight. None of my pants fit enemore so i'm wearing sweatpants everyday, tho i've gained some % i'm still required to wear belts to keep pants up. This is not a diet log but i want to keep track of it.


Hey man, nice of you making a log! Best of luck with your training bro, I'll be reading this log from now on :smiley:


Good to have you around, brother. Get after it!!!!


thank you Ct!

thnx delta, appriciate it!


gonna try and upload a lil pic of the trainwreck.


deadlift day.

5min on the stationary bike.
20 pushups
50 JJ's

Deadlift 50kgx6, 60x5, 70x4, 80x4, 90x4, 100x3, 100x5
tried 110kg but tho the weight felt "light" my back arched in all the wrong ways.

10 reps, 10reps, 10reps, 10reps
supersetted with sidebends
15kgx10 each side, 18x10, 22x10, 22x10.

legcurl machine
35kgx5, 40x5, 40x5
hanging leg raise
5reps, 5reps, 5reps

DB shrugs
26kgx10, 31x10, 36x10, 41x10
EZ curl
27kgx5, 27x5, 32x5, 32x5

I filmed my DLs, so if someone is reading; comment on form. don't be gentle.
I'm gonna make 90kg my training max for calcing 5/3/1.
Leg curl machine over GHR cus I can't do them. I can do a couple of'em but only negatives.
hanging leg raises is one helluva wierd one, not sure i'm doing these right, might stick to dragonflags.
My shrugging attemt was painfree, i'm very happy with that.

2 days rest now, planning on benching on saturday and squatting on sunday.



oki, it's horizontal... uhh not sure how that happened.

critique away!


didn't plan on doing anything trainingwise today, but i got restless waiting for the dishwasher to do it's thing so i headed outdoors.

15min jogging (to my hill)
5 hillsprints
25min walk home.

stretched and hit the showers.

oh yeah, perfect timing on the dishwasher.


looks good but try keeping your weight on your heels a bit more


al1492 : thnx man, will try and remember next time i DL.

50kgx8, 60x5, 65x4, 70x4, 75x4, 75x3, 80x3, 85x3, 90x5, 95x3

18kgx8, 18x8, 21x8

Seated row
45kgx10, 55x10, 65x12

Tricep Pushdows and hammercurls supersetted. 3x8 didn't note the weight but it was low.

I love working out on saturday and as i will tomorrow on sunday. i'm not tierd after a day at work and i can spend the rest of the day eating hehe.
The benchpress took quite a chunk outta my energypool. I thuoght the 90kgx5rep was the last set but i felt i had more in me so i tossed in a 95x3 but that was slow grinding. the armwork at the end was not planned and was haphazard at best, running from curlrach to cable machine with no rest.

I will be using 90kg as the training max weight to calculate my 5/3/1 benching.


quick squat workout-test today.

jumpsquats (only bar) 5x3
wide pullups 5x3
pushups 5x5

60kg x6
70kg x5
80kg x4
90kg x3
95kg x3
100kg x3
110kg x3
60kg x 20

had little time so kinda ran trough the squatting. and mabye the hour and a half i spendt on the trapoline with my son had some impact but those 110x3 felt like a monster weight. gonna use 100kg as my calcing max for 5/3/1.

next w.o. on thuesday.


5/3/1 1st cycle.
Militarypress training max : 60kg / 135lbs
Extra work
Dips supersetted with DB rows.

Deadlift training max : 90kg / 205lbs
Extra work
Back Raise supersetted with Sidebends
DB Shrugs supersetted with EZ curl

Benchpress training max : 90kg / 205lbs
Extra work
Flyaway or Incline DB press supersetted with Seated rows/BB rows.
Overhead tricep extension supersetted with DB curls.

Squat training max : 100kg / 225lbs
Extra work
10x10 Squat 60% 1RM

Legcurls + Legpress + Calfrise giant set.

There, workouts for the first cycle chosen. On occation and since i lack conditioning i will force myself outdoors for some hillsprinting or steadystate cardio. this can not hurt no matter my goals.
I've chosen a extra squatset (10x10 GVT) this first cycle and will most likely do that for another musclegroup in the next cycle to boost that area.


Military press day.
BW: 85kg

100 doubles, 50 each leg jumprope
10 burpees
10 pushups
10 burpees
10 pushups with clap
10 military press with bar only

5/3/1 (and 5 widegrip pullups b4 each set)
40kg x 5, 45kg x 5, 50kg x 8

BW x6, BW x10, BW+10 x10, BW+15 x8, BW x10
DB rows
26kg x10, 31kg x10, 36kg x10, 41kg x10, 52kg x8

went for a steadystate cardio session, 20min out i came across a hill that demanded attention.
5 long hillsprints
on the way down my legs was shaking so i called it a day and jogged home.

i did not get the best out of my shoulders today.
on the other had i had more ROM in my dips than ever, wich was very appriciable. and my grip didn't fail on the rows.
a whey shake in milk + 4 BCAA's and some pinapple and watermelon.


first off, al1492 : thank you man! I must have read the line:"driving your heels to the floor" many many times, but sadly never utilized. today i had a WOHA! moment during my deadlifts.

100 JJ's
10 pushups
20 BW squats
10 pushups
10 Alternating 3-way lunges
20 DLs with bar only
50 JJ's

5/3/1 Deadlift
60kg x5, 67kg x5, 75kg x 20!!

extra work
BW x5, BW+5kg x5, BW+10kg x5, BW+15kg x5, BW x5
30kg x5, 35kg x5, 40kg x5, 35kgx5, 30kg x5
18kg x5, 21kg x5, 26kg x5, 31kg x5, 26kg x5

26kg x6, 31kg x8, 36kg x10
27kgx 6, 32kg x8, 37kg x10


as i said, my DL expirience changed after today. i think i had more reps in me on the last set but after the 15th rep i started laughing. why, well it was so ridiculous that i haven't taken good advice long time ago, or mabye of my own stupidity. good thing i'm still able to absorb knowledge. (in small ammounts atleast)
I did the legcurls since i'm unable to preform a natural GHR. mabye this will help.

I probably should mention my nutrition, i drink fruitjuice (real juice, no concentrate, no added sugar) to wash down 4 bcaa's 20-15 min pre w.o. I drink a whey shake during w.o., blended in alot of water (1L approx) and when i get home it's creatine, 2 scoops whey and eat fruit, any kind.

My day starts with a whey shake, containing cinnamon and fiber powder and sometimes and not often enough vegetables or fruit.

rest of the day I eat when hungry. Lunch at work, dinner after work - 2-3 hrls later the w.o. starts. home and post w.o. then at night i take another whey shake + powdered fiber and ZMA.


anytime mate



5/3/1 bench:
60kg x5
67kg x5
75kg x18
BB Row in between sets
60kg x5
67kg x5
75kg x12

extra work:
Inc DB Press
21kg x8
26kg x8
31kg x8
31kg x8
DB Row
31kg x8
36kg x8
41kg x8
51kg x8

a bit supprised by the rep number on the last set of bench. positively even.


5/3/1 Squat
65kg x5
75kg x5
85kg x5

extra work: (1min rest between sets)
60kg x10 reps
60kg x10 reps
60kg x10 reps
60kg x10 reps
60kg x10 reps
60kg x10 reps
60kg x10 reps
60kg x7 reps (blasted, felt so wierd, couldn't get more)
60kg x7 reps (same)
60kg x9 reps (took 2 min rest b4 this set)
60kg x10 reps

If someone told me i wouldn't be able to get all 100 reps with this weight I'd scoff it off. now i know it's tough as hell really. Well, better luck next time. I didn't do the planned triset, and i'd love to say i didn't have time, truth: i really didn't feel like it. that GVT set killed me.


3x3 week, I do like the low rep stuff.

2min jumprope
50 JJ's
2min Jumprope
50 JJ's

activation: DB clean and press
11kg x3, 15kg x3, 18kg x3, 21kg x3

W.O.: 5/3/1 militarypress (5 chinups before every set)
42kg x3
48kg x3
54 kg x10

extra work:
BW x10, +6kg x10, +8kg x10, +10kg x10, BWx10
DB rows
26kg x 12, 31kg x10, 36kg x10, 42kg x10, 42kg x10

didn't sleep well, woke up with a migrene that i medically forced away just 30mins before my workout. I couldn't get good speed on my dips today, grinded rep 6-10. only positive thing today was 54kg x10rep on military.


-warning, no lifting involved in this post-

I read a lot of the logs on this site. And today during lunch (like right now), I just realized how lucky I am.
And it's all due to the location and contents of my gym. It has to be the crudest gym in norway, it's a concrete garage. The front door has a keycard system so you can enter whenever the hell you like. there is no desk with some adolescent gilr chewing gum and twiddling her hair.

There is a small sofa with a table where you can sit your weary ass down before you go home. We don't have a powerrack with pins :/, however we do not have ergobikes, bosuballs, shakeweights or other aerobic equippment either.

Most of the time I can choose to work out in complete solitude, most of the guys that come here are alot bigger and stronger than me, have trained longer and know more. So when they offer advice I tend to listen.

Oh, did I mention it's a 7 sec walk from my front door?

Moral of the story... find a garage and start your own gym.
Why i wrote this, well too many posts with this or that jackass, moron or punk messing up or interrfering with your workouts.