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Half way through week 6

I am halfway through week 6 and want to knock on wood because things honestly seem very smooth. When i started i was petrified that my balls would hurt, shrink and go back into my body. This has not been the case at all. If they did shrink i cannot tell and my semen quality has not changed. The only difference in that area is my erections are insane and I seem to think about sex all the time. I have morning wood every morning now and even have the random bone pop up middle of the day… circa 1997 ?

I have an awesome sense of well being while on TRT and my outlook at life has changed dramatically. Rather than stress and get overhwhelmed like i used to… i find myself getting agressive and handling situations immediatly before they fester.

My body has become much leaner and every week my strength goes up. I am not stuck at the weights i have been stuck at since 2003. I was at a pool party this weekend and my one buddy looked at me and said " are you on something?" It is like my body was starving for tesosterone and is now reacting like it should have for the last 10 years.

I have not experienced an increase in bodyhair or acne ? I am hypervigilant about hairloss and seem to notice every stand of hair that appears on my brush or pillow. I have noticed this since week 1 and honestly this could have been happening my entire life but never paid attention. I have read that DHT related hairloss doesnt happen immediatly so i am hoping this is just normal summer shedding. I still have my complete hairline at 39 with no recession or bald spot.

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