Half Lives Active Lives

I was thinking about esters and esterless gear. If you took 100mg Test Suspension a day, you would have 100mg in your body every day right, being it has a short half life. To get 100mg/day Prop you could do 50mg eod and in a couple of days you should have 100-75mg in your system a day. But I don’t think anyone would compare 200mg/wk prop to 700mg/wk TNE. It gets even more out of proportion with long esters and injecting e3d.

It seems like after a few weeks you would have a huge amount of test in your system but people always talk in mg per week regardless of the half life or active life. We know how certain steroids and esters of those steroids act, but why? Can anyone explain the relationship between half lives, injection frequency, and effect/result better than all the stuff I’ve already read?

Most if not all of injection frequencies posted on steroid related web site usually do not really take into account half-lives and pharmacokinetics and recommend to inject much more frequently then actually necessary.

(Case in point, most people who start saying docs who prescribe HRT are dumb in their injection frequency prescription, don’t even look at pharmacokinetics of various steroids which can be quite long).

After a few half-lives (5), independant of injection frenquency (if same amount of mg are injected over the same period of time), the plasma levels will reach an equilibrium state, (if our premise is that the agent abides by first-order kinetics), at which point blood levels won’t continue accumulating, as the elimination increases proportionally to the concentration of the compound.

As to the effects and results, I cannot say personnally, but it would be safe to say they injecting more frequently than half-lives warrant present no benefits of significances.

Some users report anecdotal evidence that they benefit from increased injection frequency, however this behaviour is also found in users of maintream prescriptions drugs where some people swear that they see a difference when they take a drug multiple times a day versus once a day when a number of studies have shown that this is not the case. (The mind is a very powerful thing.)

There are a number of sites which can teach you about adequate dosing frequency as a function of half-lives in terms of desired plasma mg/day of the agent. It is all function of the variability that you are willing to accept between the day of injection (highest level) and the day just before the next injection (lowest level) when at equilibrium.


I think the part I was missing was here, “at which point blood levels won’t continue accumulating, as the elimination increases proportionally to the concentration of the compound.” Thanks for the excellent reply.