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Half-Lifes of AAS

WARNING! Long post!

I’ve been thinking about half-lifes of AAS and have been wondering if any one knows or has a good idea on how long it takes blood levels to peak on various aas (cypionate,propionate,etc.)I’m talking about levels with a single injection for sake of simplicity.

I see that by knowing how long a substance takes to reach peak blood levels is important for many reasons, i.e. workouts, stabilizing blood levels,etc.

I cannot find any information on this, many people say the longer ester take a couple of days to weeks. So my thinking is that IF substance X takes 4 days for peak levels and has a half-life of 8 days, then wouldn’t it’s quarter life be more like 12 days rather than 16 since it took 4 days to reach peak? For example if X is injected on day 1 at 600mg the blood levels based on 4 days to peak and an 8 day half-life would be as follows?

1 - 0
2 - 200
3 - 400
4 - 600
5 - 525
6 - 450
7 - 375
8 - 300

Am I thinking right about this? Because wouldn’t the next 8 days bring it lower than 150mg since it dropped 50% in 4 days for example?

Another Question I have is about suppression. Bill Roberts talks about how 200mg is 100% suppresive - 100mg 50%. So my question is: Is that 200mg a week or 28.5mg a day? Same total I know, but when I’m thinking about clearance times and looking at blood levels of each given day post cycle I see how this matters.

Another thing that i see is that I’ve been wanting to use Test Prop because blood levels are more stable with a daily injection, and ALL of the profiles on it say it has a lower rate of side effects, but wouldn’t this be because the total daily amout of substrate is a lot lower even if the same amount of cypionate was used because of the build-up of the aas from the longer ester (like 4 times higher.) Or is something special about Prop as far as sides go?

I have alot of questions and honestly I think that all first-timers should. I’m someone who wants to know every possible aspect on something I’m about to undertake.

Thanks for any feedback, T-Nation has to best as far as I’m concerned.

I’ve PM’d you some details to save me typing;-)