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Anybody know the half-life of Primobolan Depot?

you can test positive for up to five months after your last shot

The halflife is probably about 6 days. I have
not ever seen it reported, but it can be
expected to be similar to testosterone enanthate or perhaps slightly longer.

Bill. Are we saying then thats its not much different to DECA in that respect. In doing a 2 week cycle, are the dosing days 1(600),4(300),7(300),10(300) or slightly further apart at 1,4,8 with a bit more juice on days 4 and 8, ie 450 and 450 for the same total dose. Dan

Why would you test positive up to 5 months out if the half life is only 6 days? Is there some other metabolite of the primo that stays around?

Dan, it’s a combination of two things, in comparison with Deca. First, although the
half-life isn’t short, it is substantially
shorter than Deca. Second, and more importantly, Primo, milligram for milligram,
is just a lot less inhibitory than Deca is.
So you can have a lot more Primo in your
system going into week 3 than you could have
Deca, while having quick recovery.