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Half Life of Turkesterone?

Hey guys

Does anyone know the half life of Turkesterone? Would I be better of dosing it at 250mg twice per day?
Would I get better results if I dose it at 750mg per day?
Also I have a blood test coming up to see if I need TRT, would taking Turkesterone skew the results?

Turkesterone as in the adaptogen? No clue about half-life, but the effect on trt blood work should be zero to minimal. It hasn’t been shown to actually do much in terms of raising testosterone, so it’s unlikely to skew your numbers by much. Remember, if there was a natural test booster that worked we wouldn’t all be shoving needles into our bodies multiple times a week for life. None of the things you can buy on Amazon will do anything meaningful, which is why you can buy them on Amazon.


Believe MPMD says to dose it 3-4x a day

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He also sells dick pumps, so how seriously are we supposed to take him?


Hey @iron_yuppie

I don’t think Derek actually sells penis pumps, God bless him.
I think he tells us what to expect, about his experience and what products he has tried and recommends

Ha! I must’ve missed that video

I mean…




Turkeysterone? The Christmas anabolic?


Deleted so as to avoid causing offence

You’ve put way, way more thought into this than is necessary. I’m sure he’s been very helpful for some people. On the other hand… I know some insightful sources that don’t spend any time reviewing dick pumps and who don’t have an unhealthy obsession with their hair. I happen to think he’s a guy who realized he wanted to be a scientist too late in life and now he’s hoping that he can do it without spilling anything on his clown suit.

Hey @iron_yuppie

I think you should give him a chance. I admire his honesty. There is not many men out there who would put themselves on the line to help people benefit from their wealth of experience. If you learn from the experience of others you won’t make their mistakes.

I think in reality he is a role model to a lot of teenagers out there who probably bombard him with questions which is what I think is his main reason for writing those articles. I think his intention is good, I think he is just trying to help.

And you know why I have a soft spot for Derek, he understands me.
Also if I am to hear about the cure for hair loss. I’m sure I would hear it from Derek first. I believe he is blessed by God, I believe God likes him, he has my respect and I believe he has the potential to solve many problems and make many breakthroughs

for the cheap cheap price of 1000USD per 30 minute Skype consult. What a saint!

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Please tell me you made these numbers up. If not that is insane!

It’s real, check out his website

There supposedly are whole forums where people do these exercises and say it works wonders for dick size haha

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You know what I love about you @iron_yuppie? You always try to help me out and answer my questions

Hey @unreal24278

They used to be cheaper. The demand on his time must be greater than the time he has available. Even I don’t have the time for phone conversations nowadays and I struggle to keep in touch with everyone, with all these new forms of communication.
I’m old enough that I was using phone boxes when I was a teenager and I looked at my smart phone last night and thought such amazing technology lol.
One of my cousins called me when I was in the gym last week and i still need to call him back. I probably spend half an hour on the phone a week apart from at work

(I was the first and only one to actually answer your question about blood work)

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Maybe not many guys have experience with Turkesterone, i myself never heard of it until Derek started experimenting with it. I haven’t watched his update on the Turkesterone. I haven’t had the time to watch much Youtube or anything recently