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Half Life of Test?


I am a member of another bodybuilding forum and I have found myself questioning my own knowledge so vets can you please help.

Someone has proposed a 12 week test e cycle 500mg/wk and have been advised by another member to wait 4 weeks for the test to clear before starting pct! I stuck my oar in to let the OP know the advice is rubbish and to begin pct 2 weeks after last pin but a few other forum members have taken the side of the other guy saying a supraphysiological dose of test will take as long as four weeks to drop below the levels that the testes will produce when not shut down so to begin pct then?!

I have explained my opinion using half-lives etc but my logic is being challenged to the point that I am doubting myself (like 1% doubt but still)

Any opinions?


I always recommend 3 weeks and follow 3 weeks after last injection. At 2 weeks a long ester Test is still very much active and kicking in your system. It takes about 3 weeks to start dying down but, is probably still elevated and producing abit.

So at 4 weeks its probably completely gone and your levels are def starting to come back down which is why I prefer on the 3rd week. That way test levels would not be dropping while estrogen is still high. But, this is just me.



i myself had strength gains coming even in the 2nd week post last inj !!

in the 3rd week strength gains started really dipping..

but read somewhere its better to strt in week 2 coz its better to strt when test is at normal/ below normal levels than wait till it completely drains out..


Diesel, post a link to the thread, id like to read it.


It won't get past the mods but I can tell you it's UK based