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Half life of t2 Pro

Does anyone know what the half life of T2 Pro is? Also anyone experimented with upping the doasge beyond three pills a day?
:slight_smile: Groove

Groove, I am not certain about the half life, but I have gone up to about 5 pills per day with no adverse side effects. This would only be helpful if you are in a very severe caloric deficit, however. If you’re only slightly below maintenance, three capsules would be enough to keep your metabolism going.

I noticed on the photo forum that you will be trying the Fat Fast, so I think for your purposes, 5-6 pills per day should work out fairly well, though it is not absolutely necessary. Hope this helps.

Thanks John, maybe I will try 5 a day. How long did you do this and did you notice a big difference?
I am loving your program by the way(5X5) Onto the second week and I am increasing strength quite abit. Yesterday was my first day of Fat fast and I still increased the weight on my lifts. Thanks for everything,
:slight_smile: Groove

Groove, glad you’re enjoying the program. I wouldn’t call it “mine” as it is just an adaptation of Joel’s method, which was an adaptation of something that’s been done for a while. In any event, I am very pleased that you are having good results with the program!

To answer your question, I took 5 pills per day for about 2.5-3 weeks of a 4 week Fat Fast. I was taking them as part of Biotests "Maximize Fat Loss" stack, so it included MD6 and Methoxy-7, and I was also using 4AD to keep mass. Overall, I went from about 11% to about 7% in a month.

I was satisfied with my results, but I would not repeat the process. I am not thrilled with the Fat Fast, personally. I would now go with the Cheater's Diet.

A final word on the FF. If I were you, Groove, I would try to use lots of whole protein foods. It makes the diet easier to follow, and whole food has a much higher thermic effect than liquid shakes, so you'll actually lose fat faster.

Additionally, if you're using a fat burner, you may want to avoid using flax as your fat source (as outlined in the article) as caffeine interferes the the conversion of flax to EPA/DHA. Instead, just use fish oil. It's something you should be taking anyway, as it has innumerable benefits.

Hope this helps.

I’ve gone as high as 3 caps twice per day, but with continued use this dosage cooks me too much. I usually prefer 2 caps twice per day.

Hey John, some interesting ideas. Maybe I will try the whole food idea. I guess it would consist of chicken, tuna, beef, salmon and fish oil caps right? Did you have post workout shakes with carbs? Right now I am just having protein(about 40 grams) Keep in mind that I am hovering around 17.5% BF.
:slight_smile: Groove

I’d definately agree with John’s recommendations. I’ve only had a little experience with extremely low calorie diets, but when I broke down and cheated, it seemed to help. I’m actually going to go on a program like this myself, just after the new year. Whole, almost all protein foods (chicken breasts, tuna, egg whites, occasionally protein powder), anabolic to protect the LBM, fish oil, scheduled cheats and a strength protocol. As brutal as this approach is, it also seems to be damn effective.

Yah, tomorrow I guess I am going to switch over to whole foods. Makes sense. For the cheat meal are carbs good or bad? Man I hate dieting. Lol

:slight_smile: Groove

Groove, yes, you’re pretty accurate on the food choices. Just keep your calories where they need to be.

As for post work out, I was just using protein, but I would definitely use Surge if I were to do it again. It sounds like you're thinking of incorporating cheats. If you're going to do that, give Joel's article a read. You'll learn a lot.

Hope this helps.