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Half Life Of Skinny Bastard

hey guys how long would you recommend using the template for Westside Skinny bastards?

my current maxes are 190 bench, 250 squat, 315 deadlift.I’m 5’9 167lbs 13%BF, trying to get to 180.

my goal is 225 bench, 315 squat,405 deadlift(built to deadlift, but that fucking grip sucks)

1-when should I encorporate Speed days instead of repetition days?

2-do you think I can keep gaining alot of strenght with it?

3-Do you think I can go to these goals with the routine or will I need a new one?
I hear alot of times people switching programs alot like waterbury then abbah then abba2 then SOB and stuff like that.


I am basically doing the same thing you are. I think it is worth sticking to one routine simply because it keeps you from getting distracted by constantly switching around what you are doing.

I am considering posting a similar question on Defranco’s website. He might be more informative on how strong you should get before using DE type lifts.

Thanks a lot I’m glad I’m not the only one in this boat.

You should be able to reach those goals on ANY program. You don’t have much muscle and yours goals aren’t very high at all, you should be able to reach these goals pretty quickly; I know when I had the numbers you did I was able to reach those lifts in less than six months. (the deadlift was the only one that actually took six months to bring up to 405).

i agree with cap’nsualty. I’d advise that you start thinking of those numbers as SHORT term goals. Otherwise you’re just putting barriers on yourself. As far as your other questions: how long should you stay on it, people switching abbh1 to abbh 2 etc … Westside and WSSB are basically programs that change EVERY WEEK - the only thing that doesnt cahnge is that which lies at the very core of Westside - one max effort day, and one dynamic effort day (or repetition effort for wssb)

as far as how strong you should be … there is no “magic number” that someone can give you “when you weigh this much, and you can bench this much, and the moon is full switch from rep days to de days” no, no, no. We’re all guilty of this, a) we think theres some objective standard of strength and b) most of us wnat to jump to more advanced techniques before we have to. do the rep days til you hit a plateau, then switch to de days. its that simple. I’ll leave you with this parting thought - why do you want to do the dynamic days, to get faster, right? And what’s the easiest way to get faster? In the words of Jim Wendler, the easiest way to get faster is to get stronger.

Usually I switch exercices before reaching a plateau…

Since the start of the program i;ve done nothing but increase in everything exept bf.

so do you suggest switching at a plateau (i’m talking about ME days.)
or every 4 weeks// 2 weeks something else
then back to 4 weeks.

I think any program that incorporates conjugate periodization can be used for very long periods at a time as long as you switch up exercises.

To get back to your question Holo, the Max repitition method, according to defranco, is used to increase mass in weak and inexperienced trainees. I personaly am going to use it more often than the traditional Westsdie format until I reach my short term goals. At that point, I will begin incorporating DE type lifts.

Holo, how old are you? How is your diet? Diet is key. My suggestion is switching up your training. Keeps the body in a “must adapt” state. But most importantly I repeat “how is your diet”? Adding strength, muscle mass, and weight begin with diet. I promise.

not to sound like a jedi…but you’ll ‘know’ when to have DE days…

my diet is okay I Guess
here it is

Wake up
1:oatmeal + 1 scoop ON whey+fiber buds+beverage

2:tuna sandwhich 1 can or something similar like 1 chicken breast sandwhich with mayo. or chicken with pasta

2’: PWO shake no insulin spike for me.

3:2 grain bars like NAture valley(it’;s basicly nuts and oatmeal.)

5:either chicken bacon eggs or stuff like that.
6: milk before bed

drink meals nearly all the time with my meals.
I don’t count calories and my metabolism is SUPER slow. I went to 175 lbs last spring with much fat, and that sucked.

only think I consider sucky is my rest I sleep 8 hours a day but I know I need 10. But i’m working on it.

First of all EAT MORE. Second, even at 16-21 you only need 8-9 hours of sleep 8 is perfectly fine. If you think you need TEN it’s because your nutrient deprived.

[quote]Xen Nova wrote:
not to sound like a jedi…but you’ll ‘know’ when to have DE days…[/quote]

I seriously doubt I will see Louie Simmons in a dream telling me DE box squat. Would beat that naked Indian though…