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Half-Life & Detection Times

Ok so clearly I am a new guy guy. I have been on here reading post with time about detection times of various steroids as well as half lives. Some sights say test-e is detectable up to 6 months, some say 2 months, some say 3. Then i read post about half-lives and how that pertains to urine tests. Before I get any further into this I should explain why this even matters. I took Test-E and c for about 5 weeks.

my sixt week I took in total 300mg of both E and C. By the time I take my urine test it will almost have been 8 weeks. I been running everyday to get my metabolism up and drink water consistently. It is in fact a urine test administered to students in an army training enviroment(BOLC). A previous post on here went to explain that if I were to say have taken 1 gram in a week. by the first week off it will be 500 mg. then 250 mg. etc etc. If this was true by my 6th week my levels should be completely back to normal correct?? Then if thats the case where are there large detection times coming from?

I assume your getting a drug test? Hence the urine test. Testosterone won’t show up unless there testing for it which is expensive. There mostly after recreational drugs

What Buds said. either way, after 6 weeks or whatever you are more than fine for a piss test.

well yeah… Its a standard army test…which is supposed to be rec drugs but these days there always talking about adding a pannel. appaerently they never do but you got to be safe anyway you know. As soon as I found out my orders were changed to much earlier date i quit asap. I was supposed to go in march leaving me with sufficient time. Like i said by the time I I get tested it will almost be 8 weeks. I stopped august 24 and will be tested around 17th of october.

Then your fine. Since testosterone is a natural hormone it won’t show up other steroids might like dbol and deca. In order for them to check for testosterone use they would have to do a test/epi test which is unlikely or even a carbon test which is HIGHLY unlikely.

Given your time frame even if they did a test/epi test your ratio would be fine by then. I wouldn’t worry.

Does the Army really even care? A.S. should be legal for those in the military.

haha funny you say that…the problem is everytime some pyscho goes crazy killing innocent people in afghan or iraq…the mil will seem to find that the person was on the roids…

Yeahhhh im really hoping that the fact that it will have almost been 8 weeks when i get tested will bring that ratio back down to normal or at least withhin the 4:1 ratio. I know the army is cheap for testing gear anyway. And it seems like there is a standard roid test which is cheaper then the Test-epistest ratio. There probably going with the cheaper one.

I worry a lot. Its obviously my fault for messing with it. But i must say my Test cycle was amazing!!! sure wish it wasnt illegal!

The only way testosterone will show up is with a test/epi test or a isotope test. Testosterone is a natural hormone it won’t show up in a urine test. If there testing urine for gear deca, dbol, winstrol and some others can show up but T won’t.

The test/epi test ratio varies greatly, from 1:1 all the way to 10:1. The army is gonna spend the money on steroid testing unless they think they have a reason too.

I just recently left the military they DO NOT test for aas ever they dont care and the test is too expensive for uncle sam to really give a damn. Whatever they are telling you about “new testing” they have been saying that shit for years its a scare tactic. The only way they test for aas is if they catch you in possession of said substances.

yeah if you google military testing some d-bags seem to be out to scare…saying that military will now be testing…dont know to much about it since ive been in only 4 years but i can tell you that i have learned they love to stir stuff up to get a good scare out of people…it seems to work to…

heck i quit my cycle and i had already put on 25lbs and moved my bench up almost 100lbs!!! but better be safe than sorry…even though my levels will probably be low…i will still take green tea since it will prohbit 30 percent of test from being excreted into the urine.

i guess if you aready quit your cycle then so be it, but next time dont let them run you off cycle with scare tactics. In my old battalion it was common knowledge who used aas high ranking officers down to enlisted. They were never tested, if they ever add new panels for testing it will be for bath salts and other “alternative” drugs.

[quote]Toby Queef wrote:
Does the Army really even care? A.S. should be legal for those in the military.
complete agreement here, the air force has mandatory amphetamine use for pilots, so if pilots get meth grunts should be allowed steroids.

as much as it should be allowed. I dont see this happening anytime soon

USA could have an army of beasts if they would just supply aas to soldiers lol

[quote]beefcakes wrote:
USA could have an army of beasts if they would just supply aas to soldiers lol[/quote]


lets start a petition!

no serious lol