Half life and absorbtion

I am preparing to make finasol. I know that somebody said approximately 20-50% will get into blood stream. 1. how does this compare to the amount using dsmo? 2. what is the half-life of tren? i guess what i am trying to ask is, would it be more effective and more tre effecient to make 3 smaller dsmo applications a day or the two finasol applications?

In the Finasol type of application, 100% of the applied trenbolone acetate will be free trenbolone (not the ester)
by the time it gets through the skin. In the DMSO type of application, you would get a sudden bolus of a large amount of trenbolone which might or might not be the acetate form. I expect that the liver winds up metabolizing a lot of this
before it ever gets to dissolve into bodyfat, because
the DMSO transdermal delivery is much less effective
per milligram than injected preparations. If you want to go ahead with DMSO, go ahead, but I don’t recommmend it.

ok, i read your julia child on juice column. i understand why not to use dsmo. but, how would you rate the finasol(a,b,c, etc)?

Well, to be honest, I don’t remember my rating system! :slight_smile:

But convenience would have to be an A, safety an A, efficacy an A,
efficiency per gram a B minus or C compared to injectable.
But since cost per gram is quite reasonable – about $18
I think) having to use more grams is not a big price to
pay for convenience, safety, and efficacy.

Safety is being rated on the understanding that of course you are going to have the side effects associated with AAS use, being concerned instead with whether there are other dangers such as infection, immunological response, or accidental fire. No such problems here, hence the A rating.

I see you are saying about side effects with aas. What could one expect in the way of side effects? Aggresiveness to the point he wants to kill something or someone?

would adding md6 to a finasol/andrsol cycle be beneficial or not really worth the money?