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Half Century Training

I’m doing the Solvang half century on March 13th. So far the longest bike ride I’ve done is about 30 miles or so. The longest recent ride has been a little over 20. With my work schedule and lifting, I can realistically ride twice a week, once during the week and once on the weekend. Any ideas on getting ready for the ride?

I don’t expect to post a fantastic time, but I would like to finish it. I was considering doing rides during the week of about 15 miles at a relatively fast pace, with weekend rides at my race pace, slowly working up to about 35 miles and then backing off. Thoughts?

With such limited training time available to dedicate to this, you’re best off doing “tempo” rides on both of your cycling days each week.

If possible, hook up with a fast-paced group ride, relative to your level of conditioning, on the weekends.

Also keep in mind the solvang ride is supposed to be very challenging. You need to get on some hills. If you can’t get to some hills you need to at least try an “easy” 50 mile ride.

Thanks for the replies. The Solvang half century is rated as “moderate,” whatever that means. I ride hills every time I do a ride – I have to finish with one long hill to get back to my house.