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Half Body Exercises?


I just dislocated my little finger on my left hand playing football so the typical weights are pretty much out of the plan.

However i dont want to use this as an excuse to not work out so can anyone point me in the direction of some good one arm exercises or leg exercises that don't require gripping a bar (very light technique squats might be ok but that's about it)

So if anyone has any ideas or knows of any articles i could read id be very appreciative.




Why don't you use those machines. You dont really need to grip the bar. Just push with ur palms.


thanks for the idea hadn't thought of that :slight_smile:


The One Dumbbell Workout by dan john.
Looks pretty fun. though I prefer to have both hands functioning


You might be able to go heavy, but front squats are possible as well. Use the cross-grip.

Pec-deck will allow chest stuff.


Look up Ian King's "Limping Series" for leg work. Quite a bit of one-legged bodyweight exercises that people swear to who aren't injured. Should work for you too!