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Half and Half


I know this my seem different for a bodybuilder but I want to do this. Can I have an upper body of a bodybuilder and have a lower body of a powerlifter? This has been caused by the "weak" sterotypical bodybuilder myth. I know bodybuilders don't train to be like a powerlifter but I want to have powerlifter strength too. I figure I should put all that strength in my back and legs and the rest of my body for show. I don't want to be competitive in either sport I just want to know if it could work for me.


Wait... You want to be big AND strong? Well shit son, I'd like to be rich AND good lookin', but that's just not the way things work out. You can either be a weak bodybuilder or a strong powerlifter. All of this is completely black and white.


you can do both ,look at the 5/3/1 program , with BB templet.


Ronnie Coleman squats 800 pound, I wouldn't consider that weak.


He was being facetious.

Anyway, I feel the same way sometimes.


There is no way in hell you're gonna get big without getting strong. That's just the way it is.

If you want to do low reps for legs and higher reps for upper body, do it. Just don't say weak bodybuilder. That just makes you sound retarded.


this thread is retarded