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Half and Half in Coffee

I have been eating on a dime to for over a 7 months and sticking to under 70 grams of carbs a day. Only time I eat starchy carbs have been 1 serving of Surge (1/2 pre and 1/2 post) and then 30 grams of BCAA’s pre,peri, and post workout.

All my other carbs are veggies and possibly an apple in the morning. I am also consuming 20-30 grams of fish oil a day spread out into 6 doses. PROBLEM I think my my fat loss has stalled.

I am getting stronger and definitely adding lean mass, but it is weird because my body weight is staying the same 194 lbs, but I am getting a little leaner, however fat is still on lower back, sides, and stomach. So I am eating high protein, high healthy EFA’s, and very low carb because I am carb intolerant.

I can pack on the pounds very fast from anything with starchy carbs in it. My thought G-flux maybe? Now, I know I should weigh more in the 170-175 range not 194 pounds with the strength level I am at.

I will also add that my weight staying the same but losing a slow amount of fat maybe because I have added a large large amount of muscle in my legs over the past 7 weeks via diet and CW’s Total Body Training Program.

I understand most people have more fat to lose than they think, but I am very confused as to what I am doing wrong. 3 days a week of Low-Intensity Cardio PWO for 45 minutes is also part of my current regiment.

Is it possible the 1/2 and 1/2 in my coffee or 4 Omega 3 eggs in the morning is too much fat for me? Is it possible that EQUAL(only at work I use splenda at home) in my coffee is causing too much of an insulin spike (after all it is dextrose, maltodextrin,

Then aspartame) Or is it possible that consuming Surge PWO is not good for me because I workout finishes around 7pm in the evening and it is too close to bedtime? I usually pick Saturday as a glycogen refeed day, and have 4 mistakes that day, but all other meals or on spot. all week long

Not sure where to go from here. Getting very frusterated because the only fat I have left seems to be some visceral fat on my belly and lower back/sides.

I appreciate any feedback at all.

Current Diet example:( I eat like this everyday except for Saturday I loosen up a little) I don’t drink really anymore either.

Meal 1:
4 Omega 3 Eggs
5 grams of fish oil
3 slices of turkey bacon
1 apple
3 cups of coffee w/ splenda and 4 tablespoons of half and half(only 1 carb a serving)

Meal 2:

4 hard boiled eggs
2 tablespoons natural peanut butter
1 cup of green beans
5 grams of fish oil
1 cup of coffee 2 tablespoons of half and half 3 packets of equal

Meal 3:

Starkist Tuna Pouch
5 grams of fish oil
2 cups of brocolli
diet coke

Meal 4:

starkist Tuna Pouch
5 grams of fish oil
2 cups of brocolli
diet coke

meal 5: half serving of Surge pre and 1/2 serving of Surge Post
30 grams of BCAA’s pre, peri, and post workout

meal 6: 8oz of Pot Roast lean fat trimmed
4 mini carrots
5 grams of fish oil

I look foward to anyone’s feedback.