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I've known this before this article, and I've mentioned it here. Though it has yet to be answered...at all. So, I thought I'd post up an article to see if any pro-abortionists have an answer.

Read more: http://www.slate.com/id/2301322/

So what do you have to say about reduction?


Absolutely sickening.

And no more sickening than any "normal" abortion. But this does perfectly illustrate the reality of what is happening in abortion. One child is being murdered. Plain and simple.

Can you imagine learning you had a twin but your mother decided to have it ripped to pieces and sucked from her womb?

WTF is wrong with people?


I thought that was a reference to Charlie Day (always sunny), but that is really fucked up.


How could a HUMAN ever say these words?

"I'd have a much easier time aborting a single baby or both twins than doing a reduction. When you reduce, the remaining twin will remain a persistent reminder of the unborn child. I think that, more than anything would make killing that fetus feel like killing another human, even though it wasn't fully developed. It would feel that way because you would have a living copy of the person you killed."

Seriously, what the hell do people think?!? I am starting to understand why this country has the imbeciles it has in public office, especially our leader who is pro-choice.

This is an example of how clever word choice can turn something serious into something sounding slight. A 'reduction' sounds simple and ordinary, hiding what it truly is; the slaughter of an unborn child.

And I agree with Cortes ^ imagine how you would feel if you found out your mother had your sibling slaughtered.


More than just the feeling that your mother murdered the twin sibling you were meant to have, it could just have easily been you she murdered.


W. T. F. is wrong with people?


I think if you for abortions you have to be 100% in favor of this practice. They say it's the woman's choice to do with her body as she pleases, so whats wrong with picking one twin over another? What's wrong picking and choosing your child if you are for abortion?
Wanted a girl and got a boy? Abort the boy when you find out, try again. Fail again, abort again. If you're for abortion, you are for it in any form it comes. Why not take out a twin if it's a boy and you only want the girl. Or that having 2 may be to financially straining so you take one out.

I don't see how you could be for abortion and not for all these practices....It's not like these practices make abortion any worse. When you're at the bottom, it's hard to go lower.