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Half a Cow

Yep, I just took possession of 275lbs of flash frozen and vacuum packed beef. Mm mmm good.

Actually talked to the rancher/farmer and then paid to have it butchered, etc. Free range cow, no drugs, etc. and buying it this way saves a load of money, the meat is guaranteed to be fresh because it didn’t get trucked around while it was dead and sit in a display case for days.

I thought I’d mention this to my fellow T-men because, well, we tend to eat a lot of meat.

Holy cow! (heh…heh…ughhhhh I hate my life)

That’s totally sweet.

How did you go about this? Are you just friends with the rancher or is there a ranch that specializes in doing this for the consumer or what?

I’d love to do this. I was banking on the Mad Cow scare to bring down the price of beef, and uh, it hasn’t. At all.

how much you pay per pound?? that way I know exactly how many obscenities to hurl at you :stuck_out_tongue:

You should be able to do this anywhere. Just ask around, or look up some butcher shops and ask them where/how you could do this. Tell them you’re looking to buy “half a beef” from a reputable source

As for the price, I paid about $2.32 per pound. Now that may seem high (or low, depending on where you live) but this includes all the cuts of meat: roasts, steaks, etc. as well as hamburger. Most of the cuts in the store go for a lot more than the price I paid per pound, and the hamburger is sometimes cheaper.

But I tell you, it tastes really fresh, you can definitely tell the difference. I suspect it’s healthier as well, I don’t like the look of thousands of cows that never get to move, if you’ve ever seen that’s it’s pretty sad.

Anyway, if you do it, you’ll need a dedicated freezer, I have a big chest freezer that I used.


Thanks 'horse

Another benefit of purchasing it this way is you know what is in your burger! Alot of the burger you buy in the store will have the organ meat added to the burger. Also you meat will be a whole lot leaner. One of my best friends family butchers every christmas, if you want a really unique experience get envolved in the process.

Mitch Green

Well, living in Tx, I guess I took our beef for granted. I don’t know many people that don’t have a farm. Our deep freeze is stocked to the gills right now with meat. And when we need more: “Slaughter another one, ma!”

I found a place that does that as well. You will love it. Imagine going to the freezer and pulling out whatever you want to eat. Another benefit is you only defrost what you need, so no waist.

Me Solomon Grundy

Warhorse: The beef probably is healthier. TC had a long rant about beef (more specifically corn-fed beef) in a previous issue.


Yeah, I know it’s probably healthier, but I don’t think that getting a little extra Trenbolone from a cow shot full of finaplex is necessarily a bad thing either. :wink: