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Haleys Workout Log


So I started lifting weighs in Sept. of 2010 and I use the 5-3-1 program.

Beginning weight for 4 main lifts: Deadlift 95lbs x8, overhead press 45lbs x6+(2 push press), bench press 75lbs x6, squats 75 x20

Current weights:
Deadlift 185 x8
Overhead 75 x5+(2 push press)
Bench 95 x5+(1 assisted) (tomorrow I try for 105lbs)
Squats 120 x20 (Friday I try for 135lbs)



It would be helpful to know some background. Height. Weight. Age. Goals.

And if you're doing 20 squats at 120 lb., there's no "trying" for 135. You're already way past it.


thanks and that's a good idea, wasn't sure how to start it out :slight_smile: As I said I just started lifting and prior to that all of my exorcise came from working on a farm. I'm 5'4" and 135 lbs and 22 years old. My goals are 260 in deadlift, 110 overhead, 180 bench, and 220 in squats as far as weights go. Long-term goals are just to stay healthy and strong and continue to enjoy the high that comes from working out. This isn't quite relevant but I also want to get my doctorate in veterinary medicine.

I do also need to bump up the weight on the squats but for some reason the form didn't come easily to me, hence the low weight, it's improved tremendously so now I can move up quickly.


Haley: I'm glad you decided to keep a log. You have made some rapid progress on 5-3-1! I'm looking forward to following along.


Welcome. Looking forward to following your progress.


Have you tested your 1 rep maxes at all? I only ask because when I first started 531, I found that I could rep out "lighter" weight, but couldn't hit anywhere near where my estimated maxes are. Just curious what you have found!


Not yet, possibly this coming week I have been wanting to find out what they are exactly


Polsen, I found the opposite with 5/3/1. I couldn't hit near the high reps I was 'supposed' to based on my measured 1 RM. Haley, let us know.


Evidence that we all respond differently to different training protocols.

From past experience, I know that I have to consistently train near my max or my 1 RM drops. And as far as rep calculators go, they way overestimate my bench and underestimate my squat and DL.


I just used one of the calculators to find out what mine would be: deadlift 230 (current 185x5), overhead 84 (75x5), bench 107(95x5), squats 254(120x20)... the squats seem high, but I know soon enough.


See if this will help you get things squared away.



Tonights workout:
Bench 75x5
105x3 +1

1 rep max: 115*

10x 5 sets


incline bench

*this could still vary slightly since I wasn't fresh and i did not go until i could not possibly lift anymore weight


thanks and that did change my one rep max compared to the other calculator and the squats seemed way more realistic.


Tonights workout


hip thrust
135x10 +10 sec
145x10 +10s

calf raises
bwx20x5 sets


Seems I am late and you already started one. Best of luck, will definitely be following.


welcome and I'll be following along


15 squats at bodyweight. Nice. Didn't I say you were already FAR past 135?


lol yea you called that one :slight_smile: form faltered on the 14th but was fixed on the 15th, always feel like I could keep going not sure if thats just mental and if my body agrees, even if i struggle hard i want to do another rep.


what she said - add weight! :slight_smile:



Nice job! And glad you go everything squared out with your maxes. I don't know if, at this point, I could do 15 reps of anything remotely heavy! But I want to - so when I squat tonight, I am going to try!