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Haley...Another Sighting


5 days out


shitty camera


Wow - looks awesome.



Im loving how todays bodybuilder are getting really tapered waists. But just means everybody else has to do some ab work and maybe not have one more slice of pizza. :slight_smile: Nice PX. If u dont mind me asking, what contest is it for??


I know he's 237lbs in these pics posted today but I don't know what contest is in 5 days.


His delts are amazing, especially in that most muscular.


The PBW championships in Tampa, FL. Sounds like a 2nd rate contest but Marcus looks to be in pretty good shape and ready to rock.


David Henry, Darrem Charles and Fouad Abiad are a few of the bigger names on the card.


how does someone bring in their waist? just more core work and less bodyfat?


That and Toney Freeman seems to think his regular colon cleansings help him even though that would be only temporary. The thing is, very few people are going to have a tiny 31" waist when weighing damn near 300lbs. I keep thinking someone like that could break in half by accident. Toney gets away with it because of his height. That is one reason many of these guys are scaling back to "250-260" or maybe less in contest shape.

Seeing Haley at 237lbs makes me wonder how much I would need to drop to be contest ready.


The first picture looks pretty much like the same physique as X's avatar!



It's pretty hard to work out. Everyone says they always underestimate the amount. i.e. people who thought they had to drop 30-35lbs end up have to drop 50. Those are just random figures of course, but I've seen many examples like that.



Damn he looks great. Should do some serious damage at his show.


only one way to find out...:wink:


I know, I know, but this shit takes time. Eating like CT recommended actually put muscle on me and kept my weight constant instead of allowing me to drop body weight. I know that is "ideal" but it may take longer than in the past when I dropped cals much lower (and lost more muscle).

My goal is to be noticeably much leaner by November (date is only significant because I am going to WATCH a local bodybuilding comp and I want to be in shape in the audience). People around me say they can see a difference now but I am always last to see a change.


Curious-- how close did you track calories? Did you significantly cut calories and still gain? Did your gains come in measurable size or scale weight increase?


Scale weight decrease (by about 8lbs) then an increase and the only possible change is "slightly larger steaks" seeing as I don't weigh them but they are estimated at about a pound each. I don't track specific calories but aside from a Sunday cheat day my meals are the same day to day with the only change being slightly more or less carbs.


Same thing happened to me when I started dieting recently using the CT's para-workout recommendations. First 3 weeks of the diet I gained 5 lbs (230 to 235) which freaked me out a bit except stomach measurements were going down which sort of tempered my worrying. The last month or so though I was dropping around 2 lbs a week with minimal strength loss. Getting all my carbs before the workout seems to be helping a lot since I seem to be quite carb sensitive and my energy levels are good during the workouts (they usually suck-ass during a diet).


Nice chest striations in the mm, big dood. How tall and old is he?