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Haladrol-50 and Orastan-a?

Can anyone tell me what these two supplements are? Are they steroids?

[quote]pa902 wrote:
Can anyone tell me what these two supplements are? Are they steroids?[/quote]

Prohormones or “pro-steriods”
They’re not the real deal. And you’ll end up with more side effects than good effects if you take them.

from AST’s site who reported about these scam “supplements” and since Gaspari has had to remove thier product from nearly all online retailers (such as bodybuilding.com, etc), except of course the ones still trying to make a buck by fooling people into taking this shit:

Thu, Dec 1, 12:34:00 PM MST

Gaspari Nutrition selling steroids?

Another black eye to the supplement industry. If companies keep doing stuff like this you?ll be lucky if you can buy vitamin C without a prescription before too long.

It appears as though Gaspari Nutrition run by former pro bodybuilder Rich Gaspari is selling a product called Halodrol-50 (undoubtedly, like his other products, named to sound like a steroid - in this case Anadrol 50) that contains a close analog to the steroid Oral-Turinabol and DMT (madol) according to Don Catlin of the UCLA Olympic Analytical Laboratory.

A quote from an article in the Washington Post says, ?The discovery provides further evidence that the country’s multimillion-dollar dietary supplements industry also has become a clearinghouse for the distribution of anabolic steroids . . . ?

This is clear evidence that companies like Gaspari Nutrition and the like have no place in this industry. Not only do they place fraudulent advertisements and make outrageous claims, but they are thumbing their noses at the laws and regulations governing this industry. Things such as this lead to over-regulation and will limit your access to legitimate supplements.

The Halodrol-50 label states that it contains polydehydrogenated, polyhydroxylated halomethetioallocholane. Catlin described that chemical description as “hocus-pocus” and deliberately misleading. The label makes no mention of DMT or other anabolic steroids.

In my opinion, if results of these tests are accurate, Gaspari should be charged for knowing distributing anabolic steroids. He should also be charged with every FDA and FTC laws he has broken selling this and other offending products.

Bottom line here is the media, the regulatory agencies and law makers rarely make distinctions between the law breakers and the legitimate companies in the supplement industry as is evident by the quote above.

Gaspari and companies that practice similar activities are paving the way for more laws and tighter regulations that will ultimately end up restricting supplements you can purchase.

I used to respect Gaspari as a bodybuilder but have no respect for the infection he?s bringing to the supplement business.

Source: Steroids Detected In Dietary Tablets

From my understanding, i got into it with a guy about Orastan A. he in fact did not want to give out info about the product since its not supposed to be sold in the U.S…

However I went over his head and found out 4 caps of orastan A is indeed 50 MG of winnie and its not methylated…Da hell with Gaspari Nutrition when they got tools like that running around…

These and Superdrol are actually steroid, not even pro-hormones. I’m an Army PA in Iraq and am seeing several cases of gynnecomastia even with production of colostrum (a precursor to breast milk) in some of the guys who took this stuff. Some didn’t believe the label where it had to be cycled and have been taking it constantly with no anti-estrogens. It’s also supposed to be pretty liver toxic, but my patients haven’t come back for LFTs.

I am trying to get more informed on this, but it’s difficult to find reliable data on all this. If anyone has reliable info on this, I’d appreciate it. I’m trying to get these kids taken care of. And of course, it’s impossible to get Tamoxifen over here without raising red flags.