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Since testosterone’s responsible for hirsutism (or is it DHT?), one would expect bodybuilders to be a real hairy bunch… Comments? How does Testosterone convert to DHT and vice versa? And, are pro-hormones (Tribulus Terrestris)the best legal way still? What have YOU found effective? Could a lifestyle change lead to increased testosterone?

Bodybuilder’s are not hairy because they shave their bodies. And yes, androgenic steroids can increase body hair. To answer your other question, pro-hormones are the best legal substances. Creatine is good too. Stay away from androsteneDIONE. Take AndrosteneDIOL instead. You will make some impressive gains with androstenediol, but you have to take high doses - about 1,000-1,500 mg’s per day. You might want to try Biotest’s Androsol, which is androstenediol applied to the skin. I haven’t had the opportunity to try it yet, but I hear good things about it. I definitely plan on ordering some when I get the money.

along the same lines, can anybody recommend any quality sprays or topical creams for body hair removal??