Hairy nipples

Quick question. Is it normal for women to have hair on their breasts, specifically around the nipple area? Just wondering…Gracia

Hmmmm… Its perfectly normal… IF Your woman has mistaken Androsol for liquid soap! I would use this as an oppertunity to finally find a legitamite use for foreplay… you can suck her nips and also floss at the same time!

Gracia, actually it is probably more normal than people think. I’ve dated a few girls who had some hair around their nipples. Usually these girls have dark hair. It doesn’t happen to all, but some do have the hair in that area. Sometimes it will be dark and thick, other times lighter and thinner.


although, I have seen it in Italian chicks.

I’ve heard that you get bonus points if the girl has hairy nipples (and one point if you put your finger in her ass, although she doesn’t have to have hairy nipples if you do that)

You guys are going to give girls that may have some hair around their nipples a complex. Remember, we all have different genetics. Some are hairier than others, girls and guys.

So there is no reason to make fun of the question asked. You'd be suprised at how many woman actually do have some hair around the nipples. Like I said before, some have very light or thin (peach fuzz) hairs, and others have a few dark ones.

And I’ve actually seen a few girls with a “happy trail.” Most will wax, shave or have it removed by laser.