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I understand that Testosterone is basically the best single AAS in many ways. However, I have always dismissed it as something I probably should mess with bc of the possibility of hairloss.

But I would really appreciate having a better sense of what this danger really is. Please tell me, how often do people with average baseline T levels lose hair on a good cycle? I mean does everyone lose a tiny amount of hair or is it like 1 in 5 people while other 4 lose none at all?

I am very grateful to have not lost any hair so far by my age of 29. However, I do have a long forehead and my hairline is naturally kind of far back on the outer edges so I would hate to have any recession of hairline.

Couldn’t tell you man. You could use a 5-ar reductase inhibitor during the cycle like finasteride or avodart (dutasteride) which have helped quite a few people I know, but then again there are no guarantees. Anybody else?

if your test is not a derivative of DHT you shouldnt experience hairloss.

The biggest factor in whether you will experience hair loss or not is whether you are genetically prone (have hair follicles that are not resistant to DHT) its as simple as that. Some guys are lucky and are resistant to DHT and will never lose hair as a result of increased T levels and others are affected by DHT and will lose their hair in the classic male pattern. That is because those hairs for whatever evolutionary reason are most often not resistant to DHT.

So how can you tell if you are going to lose your hair or not? It is kind of a crapshoot. Most likely you will not but if you even have one blood related family member on either side of your family that is bald then your chances of caring the gene are increased. Good luck